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Cat (1989) Catwoman UK 12″

Cat (1989) Catwoman UK 12"

This commercial 12″ release of “Catwoman” by Cat Glover features the Bomb In The Bass Endorphin Mix and Tales From The Darkside Mix.

Cat (1989) Catwoman Promo UK 12″

Cat (1989) Catwoman 12" Promo

The Catwoman Promo 12″ release featured the Endorphin Mix and Mad Mix that were produced and mixed by Tim Simenon, also known as Bomb The Bass.

Cat (1989) Catwoman UK 7″

Cat (1989) Catwoman UK 7"

This 7″ single from the UK comes from former NPG member Cat Glover. “Catwoman” was originally intended for her ‘I Am Energy’ album that was never released.

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