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Kid Rock (2001) Bawitdaba 12″ Promo

Kid Rock - Bawitdaba 12" Promo

The Brief: Kid Rock is currently on tour in support of his latest LP, ‘Rebel Soul’.  He is a favorite artist of the Fun-Wife so, she has dragged me to Birmingham, AL tonight to see him in concert at the BJCC Arena.  Now, personally, I like some of his music but, I can take him […]

Kid Rock – Cowboy 12″ Promo

Kid Rock - Cowboy 12" Promo

The A Side: Cowboy (Neptunes Remix Radio Edit) 4:41 The B Side: Cowboy (Neptunes Remix Instrumental) 4:35 Cowboy (Neptunes Remix Acapella) 4:41 The Brief: The first time the Fun-wife and I ever saw Kid Rock was on the pay per view broadcast of Woodstock ’99.  He had Joe C up on stage rapping and running […]

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