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Various (1987) DMC April 87 Mixes 1 12″

Various (1987) DMC April 87 Mixes 1 12"

This vinyl rip of DMC April 87 Mixes 1 features the Prince megamix titled “KIX” with some Sheila E. and Madhouse tunes thrown into the mix as well.

Madhouse – 13 12″

Madhouse - 13 12"

The A Side: 13 (The Paisley Park Mix) 7:49 Thirteen and ¼ 5:47 The B Side: 13 (LP Version) 4:46 Four (LP Version) 2:24 The Brief: Today’s post wraps up the series on Prince’s jazz project, Madhouse, with the 12” release of the track “Thirteen”. Featured on this release is “The Paisley Park Mix” and […]

Madhouse – 13 7″ Promo

Madhouse - 13 7" Promo

The A Side: 13 (Edit) 2:57 The B Side: 13 (Edit) 2:57 The Brief: Single number two from the Madhouse LP ‘16’ is the track “Thirteen”. Today’s post features the edit of “Thirteen” on both sides of this promotional 7” single. The Source: Label: Paisley Park Records Catalog#: 7-27944 Format: Vinyl, 7″, 45 RPM Country: US […]

Madhouse – (The Perfect) 10 12″

Madhouse - 10 12"

This 12” vinyl rip of Madhouse’s “10” features the vinyl-only tracks “The Perfect Mix”, “(The Perfect) 10 (7″ Version)” and “Ten and 1/2”.

Madhouse – 10 7″

Madhouse – 10 7″

The second Madhouse album was entitled ’16’ and was released on November 18, 1987. Again, Eric Leeds contributed on saxophone and flute. Others were credited in the album’s liner notes including Sheila E. on drums, Levi Seacer, Jr. on bass guitar, Dr. Fink on keyboards and John Lewis on drums. “Ten” backed with the b-side “Ten and ½” is the first of two singles released from ’16’.

Madhouse – 6 12″

Madhouse - 6 12"

This 12″ vinyl rip of “6” from Prince’s Madhouse project features vinyl-only cuts of Susan Rogers’ “End Of The World Mix” and the b-side “Six and 1/2”.

Madhouse – 6 7″

Madhouse - 6 7"

The debut Madhouse LP was released January 21, 1987. It was simply titled ‘8’ and included eight tracks with the titles of “One”, “Two”, etc. The only single released from ‘8’ was “Six” and it was backed with the non-album b-side “Six and ½” that was composed by Leeds and featured Atlanta Bliss on trumpet.

Fun With Vinyl Collections 1-21

Vinyl Rips by Fun With Vinyl

Fun With Vinyl Collections of vinyl rips preceded the establishment of the Fun With Vinyl blog. They are still available for collectors to download.

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