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Midnight Star (1986) Headlines US 12″

Midnight Star (1986) Headlines US 12"

The US 12″ release of Midnight Star’s “Headlines” features an 11:27 Instrumental Dub and an edited Vocal version that clocks in at 4:18.

Various (1987) The SOLAR System UK 2xLP

Various (1987) The SOLAR System UK 2xLP

And the beat goes on, Just like my love everlasting.
And the beat goes on, Still moving strong on and on

Midnight Star (1986) Headlines UK 12″

Midnight Star (1986) Headlines 12"

This Midnight Star 12″ is the title track from their 1986 ‘Headlines’ LP. This UK 12″ contains the Club and Instrumental Dubwise mixes.

Midnight Star (1986) Midas Touch 12″

Midnight Star (1986) Midas Touch 12"

The Brief: The last appearance on Billboard’s Hot 100 that Midnight Star made was in 1986 with this single, “Midas Touch”.  It was from the LP ‘Headlines’ which was the last album from the group with Reggie and Vincent Calloway as members.  The song just missed the Top 40 in the US but did reach […]

Midnight Star (1983) Unidisc 12″

Midnight Star (1983) Unidisc 12"

Midnight Star reached #1 on the Billboard Hot Black Singles chart with “Operator” on December 22, 1984 and kept the top spot for 5 weeks. The single lead off promotion for the ‘Planetary Invasion’ LP, Midnight Star’s 5th studio album.

Midnight Star – Snake In The Grass 12″

Midnight Star - Snake In The Grass 12"

The A Side: Snake In The Grass (Extended Version) 8:17 Snake In The Grass (12″ Radio Version) 5:29 The B Side: Snake In The Grass (Dub Version) 5:19 Snake In The Grass (LP Version) 4:22 The Brief: Midnight Star’s first album without the Calloway brothers reached #96 on the Billboard 200 and #14 on the […]

Midnight Star – Don’t Rock The Boat 12″

Midnight Star - Don't Rock The Boat 12"

“Don’t Rock The Boat” by Midnight Star featured Ecstacy of Whodini and was #1 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Music 12-Inch Singles Sales chart on 12/17/88.

Midnight Star – Engine No. 9 12″

Midnight Star - Engine No. 9 12"

The A Side: Engine No. 9 (Vocal/Extended Remix) 6:48 The B Side: Engine No. 9 (Edit Of Remix) 3:48 Engine No. 9 (Dub Version) 6:59 The Brief: Midnight Star came together in 1976 at Kentucky State University when trumpeter Reggie Calloway, vocalist Belinda Lipscomb, guitarist/vocalist Melvin Gentry, bassist Kenneth Gant, multi-instrumentalist Bill Simmons, keyboard player/vocalist […]

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