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Chico DeBarge (1987) I’ve Been Watching You 12″ Promo

Chico DeBarge (1987) I've Been Watching You 12" Promo

Brownmark wrote, produced and arranged “I’ve Been Watching You” for Chico Debarge in 1987. The 12″ release features extended and dub versions.

Chico DeBarge (1986) Talk To Me 12″ Promo

Chico DeBarge (1986) Talk To Me 12" Promo

This 12″ promo of “Talk To Me” from Chico Debarge features a 12″ version remixed by Skip Drinkwater and Paul Fox along with LP and edit versions.

Chico DeBarge (1987) Kiss Serious 7″

Chico DeBarge (1987) Kiss Serious 7"

Chico Debarge’s “Kiss Serious” was the third single from his album of the same name. The single only charted at R&B reaching a peak of 53.

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