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David Bowie (1987) Day-In Day-Out 12″

David Bowie (1987) Day-In Day-Out 12"

“Day-In Day-Out” from the ‘Never Let Me Down’ album was one David Bowie’s last US Top 40 singles. This 12″ features remixes by Shep Pettibone.

David Bowie (1984) Tonight 12″

David Bowie (1984) Tonight 12"

The Thin White Duke hasn’t graced the pages of Fun With Vinyl very much over the years. It’s not that I dislike Bowie. I’ve only ever listened to him from what I heard on the radio, singles only, never really explored any of his albums. The peak of my interest in Bowie was the ‘Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)’ and ‘Let’s Dance’ albums. I kind of lost interest in him after that. Which, maybe not coincidentally, was about the time he stopped charting in the Top 10 on the Hot 100. It also seems to me that very little of his early 80s singles received any remix or extended treatments on 12″ releases which is probably another reason I never picked up much of his work on vinyl. But, since I started this blog, I’ve had some requests for Bowie over the years and I ran across a couple of 12″ records with actual remixes so, I bought them and dropped the needle on them. Here’s the results from the first one, the second one will show up in a couple of days… stay tuned!

David Bowie (1983) Modern Love 7″

David Bowie (1983) Modern Love 7"

Never gonna fall for, Modern love, walks beside me, Modern love, walks on by, Modern love, gets me to, The church on time.

Church on time, terrifies me, Church on time, makes me party, Church on time, puts my trust, In God and man.

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