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General Comments Fun With VinylThis is the General Comments page.  Most anything goes… comments regarding the blog, off-topic, cries for help, song requests (I’m very slow about filling song requests but, I try), etc.  I do reserve the right to moderate anything I deem inappropriate.  It’s always great to hear from you guys and I do my best to respond quickly. Be aware, if you’ve never commented here before or if you include URLs in your user info or comment, the system will flag it for my approval so, your comment may not be visible right away. Again, I try to review flagged comments quickly and approve them for posting, unless, of course, I deem it inappropriate. So, here ya go, have at it…

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  1. warlord says:

    hi mate… you have ICE-T-COLORS 12″

  2. Ernest says:

    I like the cleaner look of the site. Also enjoy that the FWV original collections are back (just spotted that).
    I smirked earlier when it hit me that you still use Cool Edit Pro (as I do for my radio show mixing necessities). I’ve tried Adobe Audition, but it’s just bloated as all hell. Never had good results with it.

    • djrichiep says:

      Thanks Ernest, I am pleased with my change, I think it has a more professional look now. No more purple and beige! And, um, buddy, uh, those FWV Collections have been back on the site since Feb ’12, LOL, guess they weren’t prominently displayed. Of course, I think you already had them all so, probably weren’t looking for them.

      I agree 100% about Audition, way too bloated. CEP does exactly what I need, and just works, that’s all I need. I use CEP2 for recording but, I just use the original CEP for editing.

      Oh, and thanks for the twitter shout-out, I am pretty much twitter illiterate, never used it much.

  3. DP says:

    First off, so glad I found your blog. Been having a blast reliving many of the songs (especially the FlyteTyme stuff).

    Just a heads up that it seems something might be wrong with the mp3 downloads at the moment. I’ve not had problems in the past, but now when I click on “mp3” it slowly opens a new page with just code; no download of the mp3. Sure it is a minor glitch, but one that’s beyond my tech savvy.

    Again, thanks for the great blog!

  4. Simon says:

    Many thanks for sharing your collection.
    Please answer how did you scan album covers (like Starpoint’s Restless LP)
    when your scanner is less than 12″ wide ?
    When I digitized my albums I went stragiht from phono cartridge preamp
    to soundcard (Soundblaster 16) and save as .wav. The average sound level of
    my audio files is about 20dB lower than yours but the bass range is recorded
    better than yours. You used DAT to digitize audio and it also compressed it
    meaning your digital audio is louder but you lost lowest lows and highest
    highs and no equlizer can recover it. If you don’t listen on big speaker
    boxes (like with 12″ woofer or so) you wouldn’t tell the difference.
    You should repeat in General comments the Comments part from the old site where
    you explain technicals about how you digitized and edited your material.

    • djrichiep says:

      I make 2 scans of each side of the album cover, getting half of one side of the cover in the first pass and the other half in the second pass (actually I scan more than half each pass). Then, primarily using Microsoft ICE, I “stitch” the two images together creating a complete scan of the cover which I can then crop and adjust. Sounds like you’ve got your vinyl recording setup all figured out. I hope my explanation of the scanning process helps, if any other questions, let me know. Take care.

      • djrichiep says:

        Oh, the information that used to be on the General Comments page is now in the link right next to it called “About FWV”. It’s the exact same text that was on the old General Comments page.

  5. Jim Baldwin says:

    Hi, I just found this site and it looks like I’m going to have fun with it, it’s a beautiful site. I guess you don’t like Melanies music, I see she’s missing from your long lists of artists? No big deal, I have EVERYTHING she’s ever recorded, well, 99%. 🙂 If you don’t know who Melanie is, visit my facebook page, I’m a BIG fan. Thanks for all this work you’ve done, it’s a site to behold! Jim Baldwin admin(MelanieSafkaCult)

    • djrichiep says:

      Thanks for the kind words about the blog. There’s no dislike for Melanie here, just don’t remember her having much success in the 80s when I started collecting records.

  6. Scoop says:

    Hello, FWV
    Incredible LP library!

    I’m looking for Michael Jackson – Rock With You, may be do you have it?

    Thanks for future,

  7. fede says:

    Hi friend! do you have this? wonderful blog, greetings from Argentina

    roxette – the look (remixes)

  8. Malik Jefferson says:

    do you have hersay 89 12 with dub mix
    & Gap Band addicted to your love 12 & all of my love

  9. Michael says:

    A friend of mine, who’s been helping me fill holes in my library, knew I needed a “good” version of Vanity 6’s “Nasty Girl”, and when he found this site he directed me here! I’ve downloaded about 8 other songs; I tend to be more of a 7″ man, though there are occasions when I prefer the 12″. It certainly pains me to “donate” my singles, but in an effort to have a pristine copy, I will make the sacrifice! I actually bought a laser turntable about 10 years ago, thinking that would be my miracle; oops, not even close! I sold it on eBay for $2800 or so; took a hickey, of course, but it was so worthless I wanted it out of my house!

    Anyway, I know I have a hundred too-poppy-clicky singles, but these are the two I can think of off the top of my head; I’ll save up the rest and send them to you when you return to service at the end of the year.

    DO YOU WANNA GET AWAY Shannon 7″
    ANOTHER LOVER Giant Steps 7″

    It’s interesting, though, how many sound just fine; I recently eBayed :08 Seconds’ “Kiss You (When It’s Dangerous)”, and it sounds marvelous all the way through. My most amazing one, though, is an old Engelbert Humperdinck album from the 60s, that I inherited from my grandmother. “Release Me” sounds utterly stereophonic and CD quality, all emanating from 40+ year old vinyl! Perhaps they made ’em better back then. Another I probably would’ve sent you was the 7″ mix of “Yellow Submarine”, but fortunately that just hit iTunes a year or so ago.

    • djrichiep says:

      Michael, I am glad that you have found some records here to add to your listening collection. I can save you the pain of parting with one of those singles. I already have the Shannon DYWGA 7″ recorded, edited and ready for posting so, you’ll be able to get that one from me when it is posted here. I will contact you by email about the other record, I am starting to wind down recording for the year but, I’m sure I can easily fit a 45 into the schedule.

      • Michael says:

        So, I wanted to think of another 45 before I responded … I’d like to send two just to make it more worthwhile … and hopefully you can get them both in before you wind down. BUT it’s a little weird … I don’t see any country in my random browsing, would you do country? She only hit the chart 4 or 5 times, and her biggest hit only got to #19, which is the song I’d submit. I believe it was ’89 or ’90: “She’s There”, by Daniele Alexander. I was working at a country station at the time, and played it alot, which is why I particularly remember it. But if not, I’ll browse around this week, and try to find something else … otherwise I’ll just send the Giant Steps by itself on Monday.

        But here’s the big question: have you ever done this to a 78? And can your turntable even go that high? I used to have one of those fold-out suitcase record players, that not only played 78s but also 16s! But my ever-cleaning mother threw it out decades ago; curses! But it would be really amazing to have a cleaned-up 78, and I did inherit one from my grandmother!

        • djrichiep says:

          There’s a smattering of country artists on the blog, Oak Ridge Boys, Gibson/Miller Band, Deborah Allen, Ronnie Milsap, maybe 1 or 2 more. I don’t tend to do much cause there’s very little in the way of country remixes, extended versions, etc. But, I’m not against it, I’ll be more than happy to do that song.

          Unfortunately, my turntable only does 45 & 33 1/3. I have some 78s we inherited from my in-laws but, no way to play them.

  10. warlord says:

    hi richie do you have anything by the L.A DREAM TEAM?

  11. Andrew says:

    Hi Richie,

    Is there any free program you know of that would be any good to take a tentative step into ripping vinyl ?
    Also, if I do decide just to admit defeat [more than likely LOL]
    Could you email me an address as to where 2 send some records

  12. djrichiep says:

    I am not aware of any free software, the two primary softwares I use are shareware. I will contact you by email with an address to send record donations.

  13. Duane says:

    Wow, I discovered your site a few weeks ago and downloaded some music (Thank you!). Two days I tried to register to be an active user and also wanted to volunteer as a writer but missed the deadline. For some reason my membership was denied. I feel a little jilted, especially since I was going to give donate $50 when my money evened out in a few weeks in appreciation of your service. But then you deny my membership?! Not cool.

    Thanks anyway, still a great site and service.

    • djrichiep says:

      Duane, this membership thing may have turned out to be a bad idea on my part. I am getting membership requests from all kinds of spam-bots and the spam-bots do not enter a name when they sign up for an account. Apparently, when you registered, you didn’t fill out the name field and got wiped out with the spam-bots. Nothing personal, just growing pains of trying to figure out how to do this membership thing. Glad you enjoy the site and please don’t take offense, none was intended.

  14. Josh says:

    I love this site! I just discovered it today. Nice work and nice sounds!

    Do happen to have either of these Janet Jackson related items, and if so, would you be willing to post them?

    Janet Jackson- The Pleasure Principle, 12″ single
    This has two versions only on vinyl:
    The 7″ vocal version

    Herb Alpert- Making Love in the Rain, 7″ Single
    I’m looking for the edit/ 7″ version of this song.

    Would love to hear these again if you have them!

    Thanks for all your work on this site!

    • djrichiep says:

      Thank you Josh for the compliments on the site, I am glad you are enjoying your new discovery! I will have to check when I get home today, I think I have the Janet 12″ but, I know I don’t have the Alpert 7″. I was not aware the 7″ and Acapella versions of PP were only on vinyl, that would be a good one to post up. I’ll let ya know…

      • djrichiep says:

        I do have the PP 12″, I will be getting it on the turntable today. I’ll be on the lookout for the Herb 7″, I’d like to have it myself.

        • djrichiep says:

          I need someone with a good knowledge of Janet’s 12 inchers to tell me of other records I might should record or be on the lookout for. I have a lot of her singles on CD so, I never bought much in the way of Janet on vinyl. But, if there are some other 12 inchers like Pleasure Principle with tracks that never got pressed on CD, let me know…

          • Josh says:

            Here is my list of the Janet jackson 86-87 Control era mixes that I think are only on vinyl. If you have any of these Janet singles, please post.

            All of these can be found on the 12″ single release, unless otherwise noted:

            What have you done for me lately (a capella)
            Nasty- A capella and Instrumental
            When I think of you- Dub/acapella verison
            Control- dub
            Control- video edit mix (7″ promo)
            Diamonds- 7″ edit (the mix on the 7″ us singe that ran 3:50 as was the edit of the album version, not the cool summer mix)
            Making Love in the rain- 7″ edit from the 7″ single. This version is a remix, perhaps an edit of the 12″ version that was edited for single release.
            Pleasure Principle- Acapella and 7″ vocal

            • djrichiep says:

              OK, none of these except PP have even been recorded yet but, here’s what i have of your list, thanks for the list by the way:

              12 inchers that I have:
              What have you done for me lately
              When I think of you
              Control Video Mix
              Pleasure Principle

              7 inchers I do not have:
              Making Love in the rain

              I had been wondering if these were worth doing, seems that there are substantial cuts from these that never got pressed on CD so, I will definitely get these together for the blog. Just don’t expect to see them any time soon, got a lot of records already ready to go…

  15. FunkDaddy says:

    YOU RULE!!

  16. Ghost Gunner says:

    Great site.

    I’ve nabbed a ton.

    Thanx for sharing.

  17. Malik Jefferson says:

    do you have pebbles love/hate 12 & take your time 12 all remixed by louil silas

  18. Malik Jefferson says:

    do you also have Patti Labelle just the facts 12 Remixed By louil silas & stir it up also Remixed done By louil silas

    • Josh says:

      Do you also have the Patti Labelle “Something Special” US 12″ single from 1986? I would love to hear that one again and the 7″ single with the single edit on it.

      the 12″ single is this one:

    • djrichiep says:

      Here’s the Patti I have and the status of each:

      New Attitude – in the can, to be posted this year

      Stir It Up – recorded & clickrepaired, still to do: edit down into tracks and cover/label scans

      Just The Facts – only have a promo with the LP cut on both sides, have not even recorded this record yet

      that’s it, that’s all the Patti records I currently have, so, looks like I need to be on the lookout for a couple of Patti 12 inchers?

  19. Gary says:

    Hi, I wanted to thank you for the marvelous effort on the Prince vinyls you have posted. Some of that stuff I did not know even existed like the version of Pop Life. i was curious if you had the vinyl of Adore? I was curious if there was an extended or a remix of that amazing tune.

    Thanks again for all your hard work!

    • djrichiep says:

      Another satisfied customer! LOL Glad you are enjoying the blog. Sadly, Adore was not released as a single from SOTT so, no goodies for Adore…

      • Gary says:

        Wow, that was never released as a single? I am so surprised! That’s one of Prince’s best vocal performances ever. I know that song got a lot of radio time too, so I am floored to know it was never a single!

        Would you happen to collect anything from Lionel Richie or Rick James? I’m a big fan in that R&B category. i wonder what gems would have been on the singles for Lionel Richie’s 12″s like Running with the Night or Hello.

  20. Stingshu says:

    Hello !!!

    nice work you do…

    Do you happen to have Mark Anthony “1919 Main Street” (Tabu Records)

    thx for all

  21. Sean says:


    I would love to send you some records as a way of saying thanks for all your efforts. Judging by your style, shall I try to just send 80s 12″ to you? Perhaps creeping into the 70s and 90s, too?
    They would be yours to keep (or throw at approaching zombies).

  22. Akash Deeplal says:

    Hi there,

    I am highly impressed with your vinyl collection let alone the sound quality.

    Amazing blog !

    Do you have Diana Ross – Paradise(Shep Pettibone Mix)?


  23. Jahman says:


    I have been following your blog for a while and Paul’s as well. I was a DJ for 30 years and retired a few years ago. I still have most of my vinyl. To be honest, I am not willing to part with any of the collection but I have started recording some 12″ers that are not on your or Paul’s blog. Could I send the rips to you (in .wav) instead of the actual vinyl.

    Would love to help with the project but I don’t have the time to do my own blog. If you are interested I just did ABC- Be Near Me, The Night You Murdered Love and When Smokey Sings with all artwork scanned.

    If you are interested send me an email on how to send the files as each folder is over 200meg.

    Keep up the good work and Thanks.

    • djrichiep says:

      Jahman, thank you for the interest and I understand the refusal to part with your records! Let me think about it, so far, I have made an express effort to only post records that I recorded, that I actually have in my possession. Nothing against you, nothing at all, but I’m not sure that I want to incorporate someone else’s records/recordings into my blog. Plus, the logistics of transferring raw wav files is a bit complicated. Your offer is very nice and please don’t think I don’t appreciate it but, give me some time to think it over.

      • Jahman says:

        No problem at all, I wish I had the time to a blog myself. I think that I could supplement yours and Paul’s blog well and the 12″ 80’s would be well represented.

        It is hard for me to find the time to rip my vinyl let alone maintain a blog, but as I said, I just can not part with my vinyl.

        If there is anything that you need, let me know.

  24. SimonP says:

    Did you see the Tabu back catalogue is about to get a big ‘deluxe edition’ makeover?

  25. S3nS says:

    Holy Moly….. what an archive i stumble upon on..

    you sir made my day… lots of things i was looking for half my life….

    thanks for that .. it will take me weeks to run it through…

  26. NU says:

    Hi there. Great site! Especially like all the Prince related material. Some of that stuff is really hard to track down on vinyl nowadays so it’s really a great service to fans when you post it on here. Do you have any plans to convert any of the Batman era 12″ singles to digital? I’ve bought the ones I could find and, if memory serves, some of them have stuff that never appeared on CD. I also think there were 12″ releases from Batman that didn’t have corresponding CD singles. Not sure why the label would do that but so be it. Don’t know if the same is true for Diamonds and Pearls or the 1992 Symbol album. Anyway, great site, thanks for all the great music!!!

    • djrichiep says:

      Welcome NU and thanks for the kind words about the blog, I hope you will become a regular and join in on the comments. About the Batman era stuff, take a look at this page: Several folks in an online discussion a few years back identified all of the Prince tracks that have only been released on vinyl and this collection was the result of that. I, personally, have all of the Batman era stuff on CD and don’t have all of the Batman stuff on vinyl. I do realize that not a lot of those CDs are easy to find these days so, I may try to locate as much of that vinyl as I can and post it here someday.

  27. S3nS says:

    there seems to be a problem with the site code…

    the first 2 or 3 post i see, are scrambled through each other

    when scrolling down the rest apears fine… i can still get to the post by selecting the text only .. and then clicking the title of the post.. but the first posts on top of page are through each other since last week.. just mentioning..

    • djrichiep says:

      what browser / OS are you using? on 2 diff Windows PCs using Google Chrome and IE, I see no issues

        • djrichiep says:

          What you are experiencing is an issue with the java applet at the top that runs the slideshow of the last 5 records that were posted to the blog. See if you have an option somewhere to update the java software on your PC. I do not use Firefox and can’t install it until I get home later today. I will install and see if I have the same problem but, I expect it is related to the version of Java installed on your PC.

          • S3nS says:

            java seems to be up to date… i can try to reinstal it… but other sites show no failures

            • djrichiep says:

              I did not get a chance to test Firefox yesterday, the Fun-Wife had me out raking and mowing the yard yesterday, by the time I came in, it had totally slipped my mind, I will try again tonight. Any other readers paying attention to this? Using Firefox? Experiencing the same issue?

  28. updj1 says:

    Would love to see the US 12″ of Maria Christensen “Just A Little Bit Of Love” from 1993 all cleaned up and posted:)

    Keep up the great work I have downloaded everything you have ever posted!

    BTW what did you think of the Andre Cymone A.C. double CD 2013 re-issue? Just got it. Went to order the Stacy Lattisaw 2012 re-issue with the bonus mixes (Nail It To The Wall, etc) but sold out everywhere.


    • djrichiep says:

      sorry buddy, not only do I not have it, I’ve never heard of it. I was happy to get the AC reissue on CD but, it didn’t really have anything I hadn’t heard so, it got a few listens and was ripped to my iTunes library but, that’s about it. I appreciate your kind words about the blog, maybe one day I will fill up your hard drive!

  29. Romuald David says:

    Hi, I have Cameo Word Up 12″. I don’t want to donate it (it’s from my personal vinyl collection), but I recorded it, and have quite a good quality. In case you are interested in posting it, we can find a way to get it to you. Just let me know.

    And by the way, thank you for all that music posted here. I found many titles I was looking for…

    • djrichiep says:

      hey RD, first of all I totally understand not wanting to part with your records, obviously I feel the same way! your offer is much appreciated but, I have made every attempt to post only records I have in my possession that I have recorded and edited. I feel I should stick to that so, I’m going to have to pass on your offer. I’m sorry.

  30. Carlos says:

    Hola podrías ayudarme con los 12″ de: (bemine tonight), (easy to touch), (on the beat goes on) del duo: Promise Circle.

  31. drop says:

    Hi, do you have any of these three singles? If so might you be able to upload them? 🙂

    Natural Selection – “Hearts Don’t Think, They Feel”
    Amy Grant – “That’s What Love Is For”
    Amy Grant – “Every Heartbeat”

    thanks 🙂

  32. citizenoftheworld says:

    Hello there I followed the link for the 12″ Single Money Changes Everything By Cyndi Lauper but it requires a password when trying open it from the rar file, can you tell me which is the password please!?

    Thank you!

  33. Fabry says:

    Please, can you rip some Aretha Franklin’s 12″ of the eighties? I would like to hear the extended/remix version of “Jimmy Lee”, “Freeway Of Love”, “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” e so on…
    Thank you for this fantastic site!

  34. Richard says:

    Hola Richie.

    Junto con saludarte y declarar publicamente que soy un fan de tu sitio hace un tiempo largo, quiero agradecerte por el empeño y el esfuerzo (sobre todo el amor y cariño) que le dedicas al trabajo de compartir y difundir musica que ha marcado nuestras vidas.

    Me gustaria saber si tienes material del gran Ben Liebrand que puedas publicar, tal como remixes de Sting por ejemplo (Englishman In New York)
    o de cualquier otro artista.

    Un abrazo

    Desde Chile con mucho cariño.


    • djrichiep says:

      gracias Richard por sus amables palabras, puedo tener algunos Liebrand cosas en la colección, pero no tengo el disco de Sting, el único Liebrand remix en el sitio en este momento está en este disco Taja Sevelle

  35. Answer to your question “No Parking On The Dance Floor(Remix)” And who remixed it, it’s remixed by Frank Poulton. I looked it up. You have good taste in music. keep it coming, my friend

    • djrichiep says:

      thanks for that tidbit Matthew and thank you for the kind words

      • you’re welcome, other suggestions for your “uptown” music theme. General Caine “Girls”, Ebonee Webb “Anybody Wanna Dance”, Vernon Burch “Do It To Me”, Bits & Pieces “Don’t Stop The Music”. They’re all available on 12″ Single. And those are some of the jams I remember from that awesome era. Good hunting, my friend. You might already have them.

        • djrichiep says:

          No, those I don’t have and don’t recall any of those songs. I’ll have to familiarize myself with them, who knows, I may have heard them long ago. I may resurrect some memories…

          • Hey Richie,

            I was a D.J. back in the 80’s and those songs were always played on one radio station that was out of Ventura County, California. KMYX 106 F.M. They played all those songs on Sunday Nights. You’ll like them, I guarantee it. they came out around the same time as Tyrone Brunson’s “The Smurf’ & “Sticky Situation”. They’re a lot funkier than usual, pretty danceable also. Check “You Tube” to hear them. I also have another suggestion, Do you remember “Gigolo” by Mary Wells? That one is pretty “Uptown Music” worthy. I hope you hear those songs that I suggested, so you can give me your feedback on them, I really like your site, it’s so well done. Keep up the good work, my friend

            • djrichiep says:

              As soon as I get some free time, I will sit down and look those up for a listen. I’m not familiar with the Mary Wells tune either. West coast/east coast difference in music I guess? I grew up in GA so, maybe those songs weren’t able to go east of the Mississippi River? Like Coors beer! LOL Anyway, thanks MC, I’ll let you know when I’ve had a chance to hear them.

  36. Carlos says:

    Hola Richie.
    Primero agradecerte por compartir este exelente trabajo, aprovecho la publicación del último post, para pedirte me ayudes a consegir las versiones 12″ me refiero a la vocal extended remix, instrum.mix, european remix, bassapella y acapella mix del tema MIDAS TOUCH del grupo

    Muchas Gracias.

  37. chiko chevere says:

    Lost track of your site for awhile, but I recently rediscovered it and I’m so glad it’s still here and as amazing as ever!

    Just wondering if you happen to own the 12″ of Klymaxx’s Men All Pause that has the hard-to-find dub version. What I wouldn’t do…..


    • djrichiep says:

      Heck no! I ordered the damned thing online the other day but what I received was the record without the dub. And, of course, the seller wouldn’t respond when I complained. So, stay away from seller hermh on Discogs. Anyway, I’m actively trying to get a copy.

  38. S3nS says:

    REQ i’m searching and searching for about a year now to try and find a proper flaq download to get this song i better buy on vinyl, but i hope to find at the thriftstore 🙂
    for about a freekin year now… No Success

    Liquid Liquid ‎– Optimo 1983

  39. musicus says:

    Richie, as loads of money really is not too high on my list of priorities in life, I hadn’t gotten around to listen to I Wanna Be Rich by Calloway until now… 😉 But in case you’re not aware of it, the 12″ dance dub jumps around a bit after the 5:40 mark and to the end. Probably not much you can do about it I guess… And to be totally honest, the two 12″ dance versions on side b are a bit of a mess anyway imho… Still nice to have though.

    And thanks for posting the Unsung docus about Midnight Star and Zapp, I enjoyed them both a lot. Also watched the one about Alexander O’Neal and Cherrelle, I see some (most/all?) are available at TVOne. Altough I don’t know if I agree that all these artists are “unsung”, it’s great to get the background stories.

  40. PP says:

    good day,

    Sheila E. – The Belle Of St. Mark 12″
    Prince – Mountains 12″

    there seems to be a problem with the spoken intro,

    The Salsoul Orchestra – Christmas Medley 12″
    the CD of the original LP is 0 5549-01331-2 7 FTCD-1331

    I have Cat Glover 12″ Catwoman if you would like to have it,


  41. PP says:

    good day,

    in praise,
    your vinyl rips are far superior to those I have purchased from,

    I apologise,
    there is no problem with,
    Sheila E. – The Belle Of St. Mark 12″

    thank you for making unavailable music available!


  42. PP says:


    The Salsoul Orchestra – Christmas Medley 12″
    the CD of the original LP is 0 5549-01331-2 7 FTCD-1331
    which includes to entire Christmas Medley & New Years Medley

  43. PP says:

    Prince – Mountains 12″
    please take a listen to the quality of the spoken intro,
    thank you,

  44. PP says:

    good day,
    is Prince – Hello (Fresh Dance Mix) on FWV018: Prince: The Vinyl Era?
    I did not see it listed,
    thank you,
    excellent work,

    • djrichiep says:

      It is not included on #18 because at the time this was researched (in 2010), that track was available for purchase in lossless digital format from After taking a look around this morning, I don’t see where it is available anymore. But, that’s the reason it was not included in #18.

  45. Hi DJRichiep, sometimes I make some vinyl transfers. I would like to
    sometimes I do some vinyl transfers and I would like to contribute their work, which I think excellent. Especially with vinyl that do not think today anywhere. Was it possible?
    I thank you
    Best regards;
    Fernando Figueiredo

    • djrichiep says:

      Yes Fernando, it is possible. You can start a blog like this one or maybe use Soundcloud. Some people even put their vinyl rips on youtube. There are endless opportunities out there to share your vinyl rips, I wish you good luck with whatever you decide to do!

  46. mixhunter says:

    Would be great to see the two 1992 US promo 12″es for RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS – Higher Ground / If You Want Me To Stay cleaned up and shared if you have access to them:

    Thanks for all the great rips!

  47. S3nS says:

    just bought a few records last weekend … one of them is a RSD 2013 release i dont want to hold back on …

    if your intrested

  48. Carlos says:

    Hola Richie, estas son algunas sugerencias, que estoy buscando hace mucho tiempo, de antemano muchas gracias si es que me pudieras ayudar.
    James Ingram – Yah Mo B There(Jellybean club remix, dub mix)
    Luba – Let It Go (ext. club mix, dub)
    Santana – Say It Again (Ext by John J. Benitez, Instrumental)

    • djrichiep says:

      Carlos, el único de los que yo tengo es James Ingram, pero, será unos meses antes de que pueda publicarlo

      • Jahman says:

        Hi Guys,

        I just did the Santana 12 Inch with art work at 600bpi but I don’t have a blog, any ideas as how to share it with you?

        Rich, would you like it also?

        • djrichiep says:

          Very nice J! I have an explicit rule here on the blog, I only post records on the blog that I own and rip myself. If I get away from that, it kind of dilutes the whole purpose of me doing this. That said, if you guys want to share other records amongst yourselves, there are options out there like Dropbox, YouSendIt, etc. I don’t mind if you guys occasionally share a link here in the comments for each other but, I don’t want this to turn into a file sharing site, that’s a sure way to get shut down completely and all kinds of legal headaches I do not want to deal with.

          • Jahman says:


            I totally understand and was wondering if you wanted it for yourself, not to share on the blog. As for links here I agree with you that there should be none or it will get out of hand.

  49. Duane Richardson says:


    Please do not take this as complaining, because I VERY MUCH enjoy your site and send you endless thanks for taking the time and effort for all your work. However, one thing I’ve noticed – some of the songs, the first 2-3 seconds on some are clipped off. As if the ‘Record’ button is pressed slightly late or the needle is not brought back far enough. Example: Ceramic Girl (A Capella) by Ready For The Word the word “Ceramic” is clipped, the first two seconds or so of Sensitivity (U.S. 12″ mix) by Ralph Tresvant are clipped… there are others I’ve noticed but this is enough to give you the idea. It’s not a big deal, I have my music editing software and can fix them, but figured I’d mention it.

    Again, thank you for your time and efforts, it is extremely appreciated.

    Take care.

    • djrichiep says:

      No offense taken, let’s discuss… So, you say that with music editing software you can fix them? Which tells me you are padding the file with additional silence on the front end? The actual music in the file isn’t clipped at all, right? When I first started ripping vinyl, I left very little silent padding on the front end, but nothing was ever clipped. The problem happens with various digital music players that are set for gapless playback, for things like concerts without a noticeable break between tracks. More recent files posted on the blog have a longer padding of silence at the beginning. What is the most recent file you’ve downloaded and did you have the clipping problem? And, what are you using to play your digital files and what are its settings in regard to gapless playback?

  50. djwtf says:

    Hi, I wanted to take the time to say thank you for your effort in ripping all this vinyl. I too have an enormous vinyl collection, and know what a time consuming task it is to do. Can you tell me what settings you are using for clickrepair?
    The reason i ask this, is because for most of the files the high frequency snap of the kick drums are being removed by clickrepair.
    I can offer some suggestions to eliminate this from happening in the future.
    When adjusting the strength of the click removal, always listen to the noise output, and if you hear a rhythmic click removal its set too high, this can take a few toggles from noise and output, to make sure it does not cut off the attack of the audio. Another tip is that if you can hear any of the music in the background of the noise output, then the strength is also set too high.
    I would be happy to help if you could send me an unprocessed wav file. Thanks Again!

    • djrichiep says:

      Thank you for your interest and your gracious offer to help. But, I will stick with what I am doing. I do this primarily for my listening and I am satisfied with the results I get. This blog is just to share what I do with those that may be interested. If the quality I produce doesn’t meet your standards, I’m sorry. But, hey, it’s all good, stick around, the more the merrier. 😉

  51. Bobby Hoke says:

    I’ve had a link to your awesome website for a while, but I guess I never registered. A blatant oversight that I would like to immediately correct!

    I also have been slowly digitizing my 12″ collection (ten crates) from the 80’s and 90’s that can’t be found on the web. I would be happy to donate my mp3s to you site, should you desire. I don’t want to take the time to build a website, but these songs deserve to be heard!

    thanks, Bobby

    • djrichiep says:

      Bobby, an email has been sent to you for registering an account. As for your offer of donating mp3’s… While I do appreciate your willingness to share, I have an explicit rule here on the blog, I only post records on the blog that I own and rip myself. If I get away from that, it kind of dilutes the whole purpose of me doing this. As I said, your offer is very kind but, I hope you understand my position.

  52. Spencer says:

    A friend just referred me to your blog last week. I’ve been enjoying going back through your archives. I’d love to register for an account.

  53. Brice says:

    Really love this blog, I would love to register for an account! Curious if you could let me know on FWV019 and FWV020 what are from vinyl sources and what are from digital sources. With some tracks it is easy to tell, and with others its a bit more difficult. I am trying to put together digital versions of the vinyl sourced material by doing my own edit. Thanks!

    • djrichiep says:

      sorry for the delay in getting back to you, as you probably know, things got kind of crazy around the time you posted your comment and you kinda got lost in the shuffle. the answer to your question is found on FWV18 None of those tracks have been issued on CD so, if they are part of 19 & 20, they are not digitally sourced.

      I will email you about the account registration.

  54. persuecbk says:

    thanks alot for all the tracks i have got from ya.i’ll try to post some comments in future,cheerz

  55. Bruce Lachey says:

    Awesome 4 years of keeping this up! Some amazing stuff I haven’t heard from vinyl still stored at my parents’ house. Would love to be added to register as well.

  56. PP says:

    good day,
    do you have
    Stevie Nicks
    Stand Back 7:56
    thank you,

  57. Dave Paul says:

    Great music. I would love to register.

  58. I really admire your dedication to providing high quality rips of this fantastic music. I have a YouTube channel myself and a passion for this type of work. Would love to be registered with you. I found this site because I was looking for the dub version of Peter Wolf’s “Lights Out.” Thanks to you I found it and very much enjoyed hearing it.



  59. Jacob says:

    Can you please do the Quad City Dj’s ”C’mon N’ Ride It (The Train)” 12” vinyl single if you have it!? Would really love to listen to that one & love your blog it is off the shiznitt lolz!! Keep it up & Thanks for all the great material!

    • djrichiep says:

      Jacob, that’s a good record, unfortunately I don’t currently have it, I will have to see about picking up a copy. I’m very happy you enjoy the blog thank you for the compliments.

  60. ray says:

    anymore janet jackson 12′? i looking for pleasure principle. mili vanilli to!

    • djrichiep says:

      Pleasure Principle is in the works for posting, please be patient, it will be some time before I have it ready. I’m not very well stocked with Milli Vanilli though

  61. Nedzad says:

    djrichiep I first time visit your blog ,Blog is fantastic i wish you luck in another days .Many good blogs is shotdown -keep this blog alive.Do you hear for blog Method of Dance by Dj Shelf(another great blog)-go to share in this blog and will find my posts and my name (Tell another people to visit this blog and share).My sugestion is Art of Noise-Art of Love(Vinyl with Youth mixes) great stuff and Jam on the Mootha-Hotel California(original Vinyl with Youth mixes)Please help.Nobody not uploaded this singles on Net(only on Demonoid torrent has be Art of Noise-Art of Love but torrent today not work-Demonoid is shutdown-best torrent provider on the world)Many good stuff of this torrent provider go in history. Long live good music.

  62. ray says:

    Hello i have a few vinyls you can have about 7 or 8 12 inch singles.

    • djrichiep says:

      that’s very nice of you ray, I will email you with details on where to send them, just be aware that I work VERY slowly and it will be quite some time before I post them

  63. Eduardo says:

    Hello Dj richie,,
    Very good your page and the 12 “, even better, I want bothered with a 12” I searched a long time, actually 2 and things are very scarce, at least for me, in your collection you will have to: WA WA NEE – SUGAR FREE in 12 “?,,,,,, and also if you have it: MODERN ROMANCE – yOU CAN MOVE, in 12”, so that it could go up, but not mP3, excuse the request and will wait by mail if could answer.

    Greetings my friend and
    thank you very much 🙂

    • djrichiep says:

      I think I may have the Wa Wa Nee but I don’t have the Modern Romance record. Thank you for the kind words about the site.

      • Eduardo says:

        Thanks for answering my friend, I hope you can have them, I am content to the WA WA NEE – SUGAR FREE. more than anything by the DUB version is a 12 “extremely limited, I have not found or lossy format,
        I’ll be aware of your rips, excellent sound, very grateful, my friend
        If you need of FUNK, on CD, or vinyl, just comunicate with me

        Regards BRO¡

  64. Malik Jefferson says:

    can you buy & post Leotis On a mission 12
    & angela winbush no more tears BW C’est Toi (It’s You) 12

  65. Malik Jefferson says:

    do u have wet wet wet you’ve had it Louil Silas mix
    sharp playboy 12 promo with greg royal Edits
    Cyndi Phillips game of love
    chuckii booker turned away BW don’t u know i love u 12 with radio mix
    & the good girls just call me 12 with smooth club mix

  66. Lessram says:

    You can not image how you made my day, week and even month. For ages I have about 150-200 Prince vinyl items waiting to get converted to digital versions.
    Prince own (vinyl only) tracks are hard to find, but possible. But finding Prince penned songs (Elisa Fiorillo, sheena Easton, T.C. Ellis etc etc.) digital…. I always asumed that would never happen. Didn’t even dare to dream to get then in the quality you publish them. near perfect FLAC!!!
    Now you covered about 70-80 (?) percent of my collection.

    If I can help you providing some missing vinyl….. I would love to send them! I would love to see Ren Woods – Azz Izz and many others in digital quality. Don’t need the vinyl in return, keep them.


  67. SimonP says:

    Hi Richie,

    I happened across a Prince cover I’d never heard before in another blog and thought it might interest you?

    I’ve heard the 7″ version and it’s a pretty faithful cover…

  68. Fvw says:

    Man, loads of memories keep coming back to me
    wile strawling troughout youre page
    i would love to see the sheryl lee ralph – in the evening 12″ in there
    do you have it ?
    keep up the good work ..
    Grz FvW

  69. GGNYC says:

    Hi DJ RichieP. :

    I have a request. The song is “Precious Love” by Bob Welch. It’s tragic to hear the former Fleetwood Mac guitarist passed away. As for the 12-inch it is a rare find and never released on any cd compilation. If you or anybody on the blog can help it will truly be awesome. Thank you and your music. Your site is awesome. Cheers!

    • djrichiep says:

      Welch did have some good solo stuff outside of the Mac. Sorry to say, I don’t have that 12″. Sounds like a good record to keep an eye out for.

      • raymond says:

        Hi there GGNYC, is the 12 inch version on youtube? If it is you can download youtube convertor and if the sound quality is decent you can make an mp3 of out of it. I looked on a site i get music from and only see the single version. I did look on youtube and i saw some 8 minute disco version not sure if that what you was looking for.

        • GGNYC says:

          thanks raymond for your suggestion. i got on with ytube and ripped from from the source sometime long ago. unfortunately the sound quality wasn’t that good. hopefully somebody will have it. we just have to wait and see. thanks again djrichiep for allowing me to use space to respond 😀

      • Jahman says:


        There was post here about Precious Love by Bob Welch 12″ Promo Mix. I just bought one on Discogs and have ripped it. Can I share it here or should I send it to you so you can send it to the member directly?


  70. Jahman says:


    Would You Please shoot me an email? I have something to discuss with you.


  71. Trell Brown says:

    I’ve had a link to your awesome website for a while. Is there any way you can add Breakfast Club’s “Never Be The Same” to the list of Breakfast club?

  72. JT says:


    Love the site, great job!

    Was wondering if you can post the full 12″ to Afrika Bambaataa’s Looking For The Perfect Beat.

    Thanks in advance,


  73. Alexkaa says:


    I’m new to the site and noticed that a couple of years ago you posted all the versions of Johnny Gill – Rub You The Right Way UK 12″. I’ve been dying to get a copy of those versions on MP3, especially the Extended Hype Mix. Is there any way you could re-post it?

    Love the great work you’ve been putting in. Huge amount of classics on here.


  74. Alexkaa says:

    Damn, I just figured it out!

    Keep up the good work man.

  75. Jahman says:


    There was post here about Precious Love by Bob Welch 12″ Promo Mix. I just bought one on Discogs and have ripped it. Can I share it here or should I send it to you so you can send it to the member directly?


    • djrichiep says:

      You are welcome to upload it to a site like Dropbox, YouSendIt, etc. and share the link here in the comments.

      • Jahman says:

        Hi Rich,

        Here is the rip of the Promo 12′. Both sides are the same thing. It is in both Flac and Mp3, along with full artwork.

        Hope you enjoy it.

        • GGNYC says:

          Hey Jahman, thank you so much for this record. This truly came as a big surprise for me. The quality rip is excellent and for you to share this request made it even better. Once again I can’t say more about this blog but its simply the best! Thanks for making this happen djrichiep..Here’s to you and Jahman..Cheers!!

  76. Jahman says:

    Oh I forgot,

    I also included the album version as a bonus.

  77. martin says:

    Hello there i just want to report that are several prince links down look after the little red corvette single ip to sign o the times are the ones i know for sure are down, can u re-up please.

  78. PromotionalUseOnly says:

    Hey Richie! You have some kind of anti-deep-linking protection on blog, which is good, but when you set it up at your new domain, it started interfering with the download links in the RSS feed. When I click on the download links, the web server is responding with the blog homepage instead of the .rar file, same as it would for any non-“” referrer. The download links in the feed were working fine with the old site. I think you just need to whitelist as a referring URL. Thanks!

    • djrichiep says:

      Done! Let me know if that resolved it.

      • PromotionalUseOnly says:

        Crud…thanks for trying, but it didn’t help. To investigate further, I used Wireshark to see what my browser is actually sending, and it turns out there’s no “Referer” header being sent at all when I use the feed. The request is no different than if I just typed the download URL directly into the browser’s address bar. So, I’m not sure there’s any way to avoid the redirect to the homepage, unless you whitelist an empty/nonexistent referrer. If you did that, you could still keep blocking non-empty, referrers, which would still mitigate the vast majority of deep-linking attempts, but probably a few would get through (people using proxies or in “incognito” mode, perhaps).

      • PromotionalUseOnly says:

        Oh, whoops…allowing empty/nonexistent referrers would probably allow spiders to download as well, and you don’t want that. You could mitigate it somewhat with an entry in /robots.txt, but that would only stop the well-behaved ones. 🙁

        • djrichiep says:

          Sorry about that, after the hacking I endured last month, I’m locking things down as tight as I can. It’ll only cost you a couple more mouse clicks to access the file you want. I hope it isn’t too annoying.

  79. Sean Gregory says:


    You might want to hold off on upping those Prince collections after his recent legal pursuits of bootlegs sites?

    • djrichiep says:

      You know, I’ve been thinking the same thing. As a matter of fact, I really don’t see a need to have them here any longer. The blog is about complete restorations of individual records, not those collections. I don’t think there’s anything in those collections that hasn’t been restored for the blog anyway.

  80. carlos says:

    Hola djrchiep, un gran favor podrias postear el 12″ de cathy dennis touch me, muchas gracias.

  81. Dee says:

    Love this sight!!!!!!!

    Hope to see more of Prince’s new material soon, especially
    “Breakfast Can Wait”, “Da Bourgeoisie”, “Groovy Potential”,
    “What It Feels Like”(with Andy Allo).

    Great stuff is here though….

    More Zapp, & Roger Troutman as well…

    Njoyed visiting this sight tho…

    • djrichiep says:

      Dee, thank you first of all for your kind words about the blog. But, I’m afraid you won’t see any of the new Prince stuff here as I don’t think any of it is available on vinyl records is it? I only post music from records that I actually record directly from vinyl.

  82. DJ says:

    Wassup Richie?
    First of all, thank u for the great music…

    I Wonder if you you can post these 12 inches..

    Aleem – Confusion (1985)

    Precious Wilson – I’ll Be Your Friend (1985)

    Terry Billy – Don’t Lock Me Out (1987)

    Thank u very, very much…
    Greetings ftom Holland…


  83. Mixhunter says:

    Gift for you I asked if you had ages ago! Password is march

    Michael Jeffries Feating Karyn White – Not Thru Being With You (The Remix) [1989 UK 12”]”

    Did my best to process with ClickRepair, DeNoise, and DeNoiseLF. The acapella on the Michael Jeffries has a record warp sound defect from 1:23 to 1:26 no way to remove with current software I have.


  84. chris says:

    Do you have the Diana Ross “Swept Away” 45? You have the 12″ single posted and it contains an instrumental version of the song as the b-side, but the single’s b-side is a non-album track called “Fight for It” that I’ve been unable to locate digitally anywhere. Thanks!

  85. KingShizzit says:

    Yo, i seen a post where you had a split LP with Tabu and you were wondering who Tabu was. Tabu was a Buffalo New York Rapper in the early 90’s who was signed to Warner Music but never made it. I still own the I’m So Cool cassette maxi single which i believe was the only thing released under the Tabu name. This song was a hit in the Buffalo area but never made it mainstream. Its been 20+ years so i’m drawing a blank on his name but i did know it. I’d also like to thank you for all the rips! Good Luck!

    • KingShizzit says:

      He never had a major record deal as that was recorded locally at Amherst Records which was and still is an Indie label. Sorry for the misinformation. I am just flabbergasted that you have something that maybe a few thousand people might know. That has to be extremely rare. Oh and he was white also! Sorry for the 2 posts!

      • djrichiep says:

        Interesting, thanks for the info KS!

        • KingShizzit says:

          I had to dig the cassette out. It is the CDS and it has 2 of the 3 cuts you have on the Promo. The original 12 inch has 5 cuts of I’m so cool. I have never seen that LP and i live here. They were all made in small numbers and just distributed locally. He came from parents with money and funded it all himself. His name on the cassette is Theodore M. Oakely. The running joke for awhile during that time frame was the “Album Version” when this was the only song he ever released. Well and that his name was Theodore!

  86. Fede says:

    Hi dear Richie, do you have this? thanks in advance!

    Rod Stewart – Lost in you (extended version)

    Amazing blog, congrats!

  87. Bee says:

    Hey djrichiep there seems to be a problem with parts 4,5, and 6 of FWV20. My extractor program says Parts 5& 6 are incomplete and that “Insatiable (Edit)” from part 4 is corrupted could you check the files and re-up them please thanks 🙂

  88. Bee says:

    Okay, so I used a different extractor program and the file “Insatiable (Edit)” appears to actually be on part 3 so there is actually something wrong with parts 3-6 not 4-6 as I said in my original comment.

  89. Bee says:

    I re-downloaded the rar files everything is fine except the actual flac files for “Insatiable” and “Sexy MF” it says that they are corrupted and they didn’t extract but all the other files extracted just fine.

  90. Bee says:

    I just re-downloaded, and all the files are fine now muchas gracias!

  91. SimonP says:

    Happy birthday!

  92. Bob says:


  93. Andy says:


    I’m just giving out a request shoutout to you for a 12″ to West Street Mob’s 1984 song: “Mosquito (Hobo Scratch)”. I’m on the lookout for the instrumental version of it and it’s so hard to find right now at the moment. Any help is much appreciated from you guys! THANKS!

  94. Michael says:

    For those of you who discovered Kenna last year and Daniele Alexander this year, both can be heard in our latest podcast:

    It also features selections from Vanessa Williams and Vanity 6, but those were bigger hits, so you probably just “discovered” good MP3 versions of those on FWV!

  95. dj andy p says:

    that art of noise moments in love bought back some memories,great post

  96. Cuppy says:

    Was wondering if you had Prince-Purple Medley on CD?

    Thanks I really love the site!!!!

  97. Nicole says:

    Hi I dont now if you can help me. I see you have 1 Patrice Rushen single here. Do you happen to have “Forget Me Nots” of her? I have been ooking everywhere!


    • djrichiep says:

      sorry, I don’t have that one

      • Jahman says:

        Hi Richie,

        I can help out here if it is alright with you.

        “Hi I dont now if you can help me. I see you have 1 Patrice Rushen single here. Do you happen to have “Forget Me Nots” of her? I have been ooking everywhere!”

        • djrichiep says:

          well, technically what I said isn’t correct, I don’t have that record ready to post. I do have a promo 12″ but, I have not begun work on it yet. as it is, it will be many many months before I will be able to have it ready to post here. only thing I ask is that you wait and see if Nicole is still monitoring the request, if Nicole responds that she still wants the song, I’m OK with you providing a link. Cool?

  98. hugo says:

    Les Rita Mitsouko Andy Promo 12″ great it would be good if I could get another promo where are the Dub and Instrumental versions Basapella congratulations on your great collection

    • djrichiep says:

      I have another promo with those versions but, just like I said above, it will be a long time before it is ready to post here, hang around and enjoy the other records I post until I’m able to ready that record 😉

  99. Retrojunkie says:

    hi mate, love the website , have you got Sequal ‎– It’s Not Too Late on 12 inch .?

    Cheers Andy

  100. rob says:

    Do you happen to have I Feel The Magic by Belinda Carlisle please? The Single edit is only available on the 7″ vinyl and has never appeared in digital form or on any of her compilations (like the instrumental version of Mad About You).


  101. Dejan says:

    Just donated a little something for this site. 🙂

    • djrichiep says:

      Thank you very much Dejan. I’m very appreciative when you guys are willing to part with your hard earned money to support what I do. It means a lot to me!

  102. Dejan says:

    I appreciate your hard work behind having this site for us to enjoy. I hope more are willing to contribute some money to show support to. 🙂

  103. Mike A says:

    Hi! Love your site and the amount of Prince material is staggering. Thank you for it all — I’m sure it’s a true labor of love.

    Do you have any plans to add one of the 12″ releases that features the extended version of “Hello” from 1985?


    • djrichiep says:

      I’ve got the record but, I’ve passed it over because it was available as a digital download from Rhino. I don’t know that that is still the case? I will see about making it a part of the next Paisley June.

  104. Kev8 says:

    P.M. Dawn ‎– Sometimes I Miss You So Much (12″) with the Dallas Austin remixes, you have that? Amazing site btw, lots of 80’s stuff I never heard before and super hard to find mixes which are only available on vinyl.

    • djrichiep says:

      Oh damn! My bad, I guess I do have it! Totally forgot dude. Still, I’m not at all able to rip that record any time soon. Sorry about that.

  105. Freshhh says:

    About Janet Jackson – Don’t Stand Another Chance 12″

    I’d like to confirm what Rene reported before, starting 5’08” channels dropouts/switches.

    Also if you click on “JJ”, you’ve both releases for her AND Herb Alpert 😉

    • djrichiep says:

      Sorry to hear that, I will see if I can get that fixed when I am able to. JJ does lead vocals on several of Herb’s songs, why wouldn’t those be included under her name?

  106. Anthony Carter says:

    hey do you have any remixes of Paula Abdul’s ”My Love Is For Real”, i have 3 vinyl records with remixes but i have no record player, if not is there a way i can mail you the records and send you money to mail them back and also send money for the trouble of copying them in wav format! i have tons of vinyl records of paula abdul with rare remixes!

  107. Cal says:

    Just stumbled across your site, fantastic – also just noticed you have a Doug E Fresh, you mentioned “The Show” in that post, dont suppose you have the 12″ of the show by DOug E Fresh, i once owned a copy but a ex took it from me, i didn’t think she liked that kind of music…

  108. Sean says:

    I can’t seem to leave the comment with the post anymore, but I need to tell you that the 12″ version of “Standing on the Top” by Rick James & the Temptations is great, just fantastic.

    The 12 inches of “Super Freak” and “Give it To Me Baby”, both better songs, are very dull. They were just repeated instrumental passages added to the normal tracks. But “Standing on the Top”….man, it has solos and added ad-libs, damn. Way-to-go Slick Rick.

    It sounds great in my car, too.

    Thanks, it is 1982 all over again.

    • djrichiep says:

      Yeah, sadly, I have to cut comments off after 30 days in attempt to combat comment spam. For some reason, the spambots seem to target the older posts so, by closing out comments after 30 days, my spam hits are greatly minimized. I don’t know, I think “Standing On The Top” is probably my favorite Rick James song, even though it’s technically credited to the Tempts. The version on this 12″ is actually the album version on the Tempts album. Rick included it on his album in an edited form. So, that may explain why it’s more fleshed out as a full track, it’s not a “special” remix or extended version. Nothing but the punk funk!

  109. David says:

    Hi! Just discovered your amazing blog!!! Thank you so much for all the music you are sharing here with us. I have pretty much everything I have downloaded on vinyl and have been wanting it digitally. I am a huge Janet Jackson fan and Have wanted good quality versions of the Control era 12″ singles and the 2 from Dream Street and low and behold here they are. You rock. I sent you a donation via pay pal for all your hard work it wasn’t much but it is all I can afford at this time. I wish I could send you some of my other vinyl 7″ and 12 ” That I still would love digitally. I have the 7″ of “Don’t Stand Another Chance” by Janet that has the b-side “Rock ‘N’ Roll” that has never been released on CD and would love a good copy of it. I have found it on the web but the quality is no where near as good as your work. I also have some other 12″ by Debbie Gibson I would love and a few others. Any way thanks again!!!


    • djrichiep says:

      Davie, welcome to the blog and thank you for the very kind words. You have arrived at a time where I am having to slow down on the blogging to take care of matters in my personal life. Once I am able to return to full time blogging, perhaps we can discuss those other records you have that you want converted to digital. In the meantime, stick around, there will be more records coming next year, just at a reduced amount.

      • David says:

        Sounds good! I look forward to seeing what is to come. Dave here by the wa that was a typo and couldn’t figure out how to edit it after the fact. LOL!

  110. David says:

    When you are ready and able here is what I have that I would like converted.

    Janet Jackson “Don’t Stand Another Chance” 7″ B/W “Rock ‘N’ Roll”
    Whitney Houston “For the Love of You” 12″ B/W “Shock Me” with Jermaine Jackson from the “Perfect” soundtrack
    Whitney Houston “Thinking About You” 12″
    Pebbles “Do Me Right” 12″ & 7″
    Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam “Go for Yours” 7″ from “Caddy Shack 2” soundtrack
    Shanice Wilson “No 1/2 Steppin” 12″
    Laura Branigan “Moonlight on Water” 12″

    I do believe that these are available on CD with the exception of “Go for Yours” by Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam. The soundtrack is out of print though.

    No rush just excited have been wanting to hear these for years. Thanks to your blog I have been able to hear many others that I have been wanting to hear.

    Thanks again


    • djrichiep says:

      Those do sound interesting and I don’t believe I currently have any of them.

      • David says:

        Just picked up Shanice Wilson (Baby Tell Me) Can You Dance 7″ with B/W Summer Love non album track.

        • David says:

          Hey Richie. Did you ever post this? I would love a good rip of this song. Also wondering if you ever picked up Janet Jackson “Don’t Stand Another Chance” 7″ single with “Rock ‘N’ Roll” on the B-Side. I still have never found a good rip of this. I would still be willing to send you my copies to rip if you would be interested.

      • David says:

        Just won Janet Jackson “Start Anew” Japan only 7″ Single on Ebay. Very excited.

  111. David says:

    Hey Richie,

    Just wondering if you have Janet Jackson’s first album on vinyl? The vinyl version is the only place you can find the original album version of Say You Do. The cassette and CD both have the “special dance version” of the song. I would love to have the original version of the song. I do have it on vinyl if you do not.



    • djrichiep says:

      Interesting, I did not know that. I have the CD, don’t have the vinyl.

      • Jahman says:

        Hi Guys,

        I have the vinyl. I can rip the track and post it here if it OK with Richie.

        • djrichiep says:

          You’re welcome to post a Dropbox or Yousendit type link here. Thanks.

        • David says:

          That would be awesome Jahman! Thanks. I have thought about getting a turntable and all the rest but it doesn’t seem worth it to me anymore as I have most of my vinyl on CD or digitally now. I only have a few Janet Jackson, Pebbles, Shanice and Lisa Lisa records I need ripped now. All stuff not available on CD or digitally.



  112. Jahman says:

    Here you go. Zipped with flac & mp3 versions. Enjoy.

    Richie, as usual I am glad to help when I can.

    • David says:

      Thank you Janman! Made my morning!

    • David says:

      Is there anyway you could re-up the FLAC file for me. I can not find it on my computer anywhere. I could have sworn I put it in my Janet rare tracks FLAC folder but it’s not there.


  113. Basement Flavor Dj says:

    Nice site!!!! Wanted to know if you had the promo of Ruby Turner ” The Other Side”? Also how do I leave a donation?

  114. Tim says:

    Do you have any of these, Billy Crystol-You look marvelous 12″ Billy Ocean-Suddenly 12″ with Megamixes on b-side Carly Simon-My New Boyfriend 12″ Donald Waugh-Shout 12″ Stylistics-Love is Not The Answer White Label “Snatch Mix” please if you do could you upload them. Many thanks in advance

  115. Tim says:

    I was wondering if you have these Kim English-Nite Life Bump classic mix, teena marie- Jammin 12″ and nona hendryx-if looks could kill 12″. Many many thanks if you can help. The Kim English track is a more piano led version than the big bump mix and was on the UK 12″.

  116. David says:

    Hey Richie, Just wondering if you happen to have Sheena Easton No Deposit No Return 12″? It’s the only one of the four 12″ singles from the album I don’t have a rip of.

  117. Tim says:

    Do you have cindy mizelle-this could be the night 12″ and tina b-nothings gonna come easy 12″ both are from the movie beat street. many thanks.

  118. Tim says:

    Do you have paul johnson-no more tomorrows 12″ and Lisa lisa-just git it together 12″ please.

  119. RC says:

    Love the Site.. I can’t access the Dan Reed Network – Get to You page..

  120. Tim says:

    Hi do you have the promo dj only megamix series 1-8, I had these many years ago in the 80’s. They are very good megamixes of hits from the time. If you do would you be able to upload them please. Many thanks.

  121. David says:

    Just spent about $60 between shipping and what he charges to have 5 45’s digitally ripped and “mastered” by a guy in San Diego and sadly they sound no where near as good as your rips. He says he does this professionally and has created his own system for doing it. They are full of static, needle drag. pops and lack same sound quality of yours. Maybe you should go into business!

    • djrichiep says:

      Oh heck no! No way do I want to be obligated to someone to do vinyl rips. It’s too subjective. Though you may be happy with the results I get, I frequently get complaints, (some friendly, some downright rude) about my rips. By doing what I do here, I’m not obligated to anyone, if you like my rips, great. If you don’t, then go elsewhere. I do offer a 100% money back guarantee to anyone not satisfied with my rips, though! 😉

      • David says:

        LOL! why yes you do. I know one of them was the record itself. 3 of them were pretty good. Was just letting you know how great your work is. With yours you can’t even tell that they are vinyl rips from what I have downloaded anyway. I was just expecting the same thing from these.

        Thanks for all you do.

        • djrichiep says:

          All kidding aside, I really appreciate the compliments on what I do here. Very much so.

          • David says:

            Hi Richie, Was just wondering if I sent you a WAV file of one of the rips that didn’t turn out that well if you could look at it and see if there is any magic you could work?


            • djrichiep says:

              David, I’d love to be able to help you but, I’m not a magician, LOL. Tell me what it is about the recording that you find to be “off”. I have to say right up front, I don’t do any remastering. I record the records. I manually go through them and remove any significant pops/clicks. Then I process them through ClickRepair on the default settings. Other than trimming off excess at each end of the tracks, that is all I do. The most important thing in the process is the original source and the recording. Beyond that, I don’t know that I’d be much help.

              • David says:

                OK no worries. Was just wondering. It’s very stat-icky especially on the right channel.



  122. Tim says:

    Hi Richie, do you have paul johnson-no more tomorrows 12″,the broads- i got rhythm 12″ and s’express-nothing to lose j saul kane remixes please.

  123. Tim says:

    Hi Richie really loving the dmc mixes had a few myself and played them out loads, if you have anymore please upload them. many thanks love this site!!!!

  124. Pete says:

    Hi Rich,

    Would you happen to have any 7″/12″ versions of the following?

    Tyler Collins – Girls Nite Out

    Kevin Paige – Don’t Shut Me Out

    Kevin Paige – Anything I Want

    Thank you very much and have a great day! 😉

    • djrichiep says:

      Pete, I think I may have the Tyler Collins on 12″. Nothing by Paige. However, I don’t know when I would be able to get the Collins record ready. Sorry, it will be at the least, 7-8 months before I could get to it.

  125. Martijn van Heeringen says:

    Hello, thanks for the good uploads!
    I was wondering if you have the following vinyls – the extended versions are issued on cd but the dub/instrumentals are not anywhere available and they are very good!


    and last but not least



  126. Tim says:

    do you have animotion-room to move 12″,wee papa girl rappers- get in the groove 12″ please. many thanks

  127. George Price says:

    Hey Richie,

    I did some reading up on the Fleetwood Mac catalog,and Mirage has never been remastered,and as far as anyone knows,no further remastering is currently planned,so “Cool Water” may never – at this time – appear in remastered form. Also,just as an interesting side note,”Cool Water” also features John McVie on Lead Vocals with Lindsey Buckingham..which is considered a first,and rare,occurrence.

  128. mixman says:

    Good, good music I love the 12 “, but serious well that you copy mp3 to 320kbps, regards

    • djrichiep says:

      The FLAC file is provided in order for you to have a lossless copy or to convert the audio to any format/bitrate you desire. I prefer V0 mp3 bitrate for my own use so, that is what gets posted. I hope you continue to enjoy the blog.

  129. Sean says:

    Okay, the Bottom’s Up 12″ by the Chi-Lites, man, that beat is amazing.

    Each time it comes on, I am thinking, damn, what song is this.

    Thanks for introducing me to the 1980s Chi-Lites, Richie. “Bas Motor Scooter” is no slouch either.

    • djrichiep says:

      The 80’s Chi-Lites were not your father’s Chi-Lites! heh Glad you liked. I wish I could leave comments open longer on the posts but, the slimy spambots seem to just zero in on posts older than 30 days. Thanks for taking the time to comment here.

  130. eazy says:

    Hey Richie, loved your site from day one! Keep up the good work…

    Just a question… I’ve been searching for a decade now for the extended version of 17 Days, approx. 13 minutes long…

    Do you have that? And is there a chance to see it here?

    Tnx! E.

    • djrichiep says:

      Thanks for the compliments. I am not at all familiar with a 13 minute version of 17 Days. I am fairly certain that it was never released on one of Prince’s vinyl singles so, sorry but no, it won’t show up here.

      • George Price says:

        That’s new to me,too! I know there’s a 13 minute unedited and unreleased -possibly unoverdubbed – version of “Purple Rain”,but have never heard of a 13 minute “17 Days”.

  131. Tim says:

    looking for pebbles-girlfriend 12″ from 1988 it contains the extended version and instrumental and also an LA & Babyface remix the cat no is mcat 1233 also the broads-i got rhythm 12″ from 1983 and was not was-spy in the house of love 12″ from 1988 cat no is wasx 2, please,many thanks if anyone can post these

    • djrichiep says:

      Tim and Jahman… May I provide your email addresses to each other? I am growing a bit uncomfortable with my blog being your meet up point. I’m more than happy for discussion to take place over the records I post but, a trend is starting here where Tim is asking for records and Jahman is jumping in to fill those requests. I’m more than happy for people to find music they are looking for but, I’d rather not be the middleman. So, I’ll put you guys in touch with each other and you can discuss any trades or shares amongst yourselves. I will only provide email addresses to each of you as long as each person agrees. Reply here to confirm. Thanks.

      • Jahman says:

        Hi Rich,

        I was only helping out as my way of saying thanks to you for your work here. I don’t have enough time to do my own blog. I will stop sharing tracks that are requested. I never intended it to be for anyone to directly request tracks from me.

        You (and Paul)have saved me many hours with your rips of tracks that I have and did not have to convert myself. Sorry if anything has come across as offensive, as I said I never intended it to be, just trying to help.

        As for the email thing, I would prefer not. I am not being selfish but that would not show any gratitude to you and your hard work on this blog. When I was helping out here it was for the general population that visit the blog, not just one person and I hoped that many people, including you, were able to get some use of the tracks that I did share. Other than the last track, I always asked you first if it was OK, I did not ask on the last one because I know your time is tied up and I did not know if you would see the request.

        • djrichiep says:

          Firstly, please don’t take this as me having any hard feelings towards either of you, I know Jahman is just trying to be helpful. However, I don’t want the general comments section here to turn into a trading post and that’s where I feel it was heading. I would prefer to fill requests here myself, when and if I can. I realize that I’m not able to fill them quickly and I don’t have every record requested but, that’s the best I can do. I also understand the burning desire to hear a track when you think of it and no one wants to wait 10-12 months for that to happen. But, again, that’s the best I can do. I want folks to feel comfortable making comments here and, yes, making requests. Just understand I am very limited in how quickly I can fill requests. Thank you all for your support and understanding.

  132. Michael says:

    First off.

    What a pleasure to listen to your BEAUTIFUL collection. Your hard work is incredibly appreciated.

    Any chance you have the full Apollonia 6 and Vanity 6 albums? I can’t get the complete albums in any decent quality anywhere!

    Keep up the solid work!

    • djrichiep says:

      Michael, I’m glad you found the blog and I am happy you are enjoying the records I’ve posted here. As is being discussed in the thread above, I’m just not in a position right now to fill requests. I do have both of those albums but, it will be a long time before I would be able to prepare them for posting. I’m sorry.

  133. Tim says:

    I didn’t mean to cause offence, i really am gratefull for your blog as i have said before it has helped me obtain vinyl that i have lost over the years. I completely understand about the trading, and apoligise. Thank you Jahman for your help with those tracks.

    • djrichiep says:

      No hard feelings at all Tim. I appreciate your enthusiasm for finding classic records to hear again. I wish I could fill each and every request immediately but, I’m just not able to. Please enjoy what I am able to post at this time. I hope to be able to respond more quickly to requests by the middle of next year. Things are in motion for that to happen but, there’s still a way to go. Thanks.

  134. Chad says:

    I am amazed month after month how similar our musical taste are!
    I DJ’ed back in the day as well and have much of the collection you have.
    YET, Yet, when I play my records 12″ they are pop not matter how I clean them….so for you to this I REALLY appreciate it! Its like Im back in middle school again !!!
    I do have only 1 request at this time. Could you post the 12″ remix version of “Hello” ? For some reason this song sticks in my mind from time to time. and I have the regular version….well I have the 12″ remix put it pops and crackles too much to enjoy. I love how personal the lyrics are from the “We Are The World” debacle.
    It was on the flip side of “Pop Life” (as Im sure you know) which could be one of my top 5 Prince songs EVER. You did post “Pop Life” Yet, it being the UK version it had “Girl” on the B side and not “Hello”

    Thanks again for all you do !!


    • djrichiep says:

      Chad, when I started out this blog, I was primarily concentrating on records with tracks that had not previously been available digitally. After 5 years of blogging, the supply of those tracks is dwindling. I’ve never posted the US 12″ of “Pop Life” because both the “Pop Life” and “Hello” 12″ versions are easily obtained on the ‘Ultimate Prince’ collection from 2006. However, as you have seen so far, a lot of the records I am posting this month were available on CD so, I can see the “Pop Life” 12″ showing up in next year’s Paisley June. I know that’s a year away but, that’s the best I can do right now.

  135. Juliano says:

    Hey there

    Greetings from Brazil

    I just came here to congratulate you for the absolutely awesome work you’ve been doin’!!!

    As an 80’s enthusiast, your website is an oasis among the desert of crappy music out there these days.

    Keep up the good work, mate

  136. Cgolemb says:

    Dear Richie P,

    I was wondering if you still had a copy of the Little Red Corvette dance mix edit & if you could repost it? I dl’d it the first time around, but seemed to have misplaced it. Thanks!!!

  137. vince says:

    Really love your blog and have heard so many songs from the 80s which are hard to find. One I’m looking for is Kissing The Pink and ‘The Last Film’ from 1983. I guess you’d have put it up by now if you had it, but by any slim chance do you have that one? Many thanks

  138. Jason Jay White says:

    Hi, thanks for all the amazing music. It is most appreciated!

    Can you please tell me what has happened to FW018 AND FW019 1% 2?

    I have these but my DVD has stopped working and I can’t recover any of my files 🙁

    Thanks for reading this and keep up the amazing work


  139. duane scott says:

    greetings–just curious–I notice a comment u made on a earlier post of tour de france–u mention(wjiz)-are u from Albany?

  140. Jen says:

    Thank you!! Just a note of appreciation 🙂

  141. Tim says:

    Hello djrichiep, loving the sheena easton posts, was hoping you could do a debbie gibson or five star collection post.

  142. Erik says:

    Hi Rich, I was wondering if you have handy vinyl rips of the following Prince promo vinyls:

    PRO-A-916 “When You Were Mine/Gotta Broken Heart Again/Uptown” (3:42/2:12/5:29)
    PRO-A-929 “Dirty Mind” (4:10/Edit 3:54)

  143. Anthony says:

    Do you Ashford and Simpsons 12 inch of “Count Your Blessings”? That is damn near impossible to find purchase or otherwise.
    Thanks Anthony

    • djrichiep says:

      I don’t, sorry

      • Anthony says:

        Thanks for your reply. I failed to thank you for all of your great work. I worked for Camelot music in the 80’s and had a good deal of these 12 inches but lost most of them over the years. Not to mention that you have some that I didn’t even knew existed.

        • djrichiep says:

          It’s a good thing I never worked in a record store! I’d have just turned my paycheck right back over to them each week in exchange for more records! I hope you enjoy what I am able to post here and thank you for the kind words.

  144. rick says:

    Your blog is BANGING!!! May I request for the US 12″ of Cathy Dennis’ Touch Me (All Night Long)? Thanks for any help you can afford.

  145. Efrain says:

    I just discovered your website. One word…awesome! Thank you for sharing all of this goodness! I look forward to future postings.

  146. NameThatSong says:

    Hello friends. Love this site! Do you have this song…I do not know who sings it, but here is a 12 second sample of it. It sounds very 90’s dance, like a Rick Astley song. Thank you!


  147. Tim says:

    Hi djrichiep, may i request the neville brothers-sister rosa 12″ if you have it, many thanks, this blog rocks, so many good tracks ive lost along the way and you’ve helped me enjoy them all over again.

  148. Ray says:

    I was wondering if anyone else has this issue. i have downloaded some songs from here and tagged the mp3 using media monkey correctly. Anyway i get into my ford fusion and some of the songs from here the artist will show up as unknown and i cant for the life of me figure out to fix it. Its weird others from here show up fine. Also does anyone have the remixes to secret rendezvous by karyn white?

    • djrichiep says:

      When I first started the blog, I didn’t tag anything. Everything that I post now is tagged using MP3Tag. Have you tried just using the files as they are without changing the tags with Media Monkey?

      I have the Karyn White 12″ but, I don’t know when I will be able to post it. Sorry I’m just not able to fill requests on demand just yet but, it’s coming, getting closer…

    • Cal says:

      Mp3tag is the best program out there, i use it to rename files, move files into folders and so on, there are countless ways to organise files, rename files, replace characters and so on.

  149. Josh says:

    May I request Karyn White’s “Language of Love,” which is featured on “Superwoman,” “Love Saw It,” and “Secret Rendezvous” singles? I’m also looking for her duet with Pauli Carmen “We Never Called It Love” off his It’s Time LP and also released as a 7″ Promo. Your website is wonderful, Keep up the good work!

    • djrichiep says:

      I have the “Secret Rendezvous” 12″ but that song isn’t on it. Don’t have the duet. Sorry.

      • ray says:

        when you going to post the secret rendezvous 12?

        • djrichiep says:

          As I replied earlier to you above, I don’t know when I will be able to get to it. It will most likely be after July of next year. My family and I are very tied up with a major home remodeling project and everything is askew right now. Sorry but, you will just have to be patient with me.

  150. ray says:

    Hey no worries, sorry i didnt read all the posts :)…

    • djrichiep says:

      Just a quick explanation of what’s going on right now… the records that are currently being posted, were all ripped and prepared about a year ago. I’m not actively ripping records on a daily or weekly basis right now. I just simply release them throughout the year so that the blog remains active.
      My family has been splitting time among 2 homes for the past few years, and, of course, the home we are at most of the time does not have my recording gear. I’m only at the home with the recording gear about 4-5 months a year. We are in the process of remodeling the home where I’m at the other part of the year. Once that is complete, it will be our permanent residence and the plans include an office for me that will house all my records, recording gear, PCs, etc. We expect renovations to be complete in the spring. Then there will be the time needed to get moved in, everything set up and settled in. At that point I will have everything at my disposal to rip any time I choose. But, until all of that is completed, I’m having to beg everyone off on requests. I will be very happy when I am able to simply pull a record out of the cabinet when someone asks for it and have it posted up on the blog in a day or two after the request. And, we’re getting there, getting closer every day!

  151. ray says:

    i totally understand, thanks again for the awesome site

  152. Carlos says:

    Hola djrichiep, por favor postear Lucia “Marinero”, Ross “Coming Up”
    Koma Band ” I Ni Ghi Na”, Bo Boss “Tequila” muchas gracias.

  153. Carlos says:

    Ohh es una lastima igual muchas gracias por contestarme, de pronto si me puedas ayudar con:
    -Mac Thornhill (Who’s Gonna Ease The Presure)
    -Promise Circle (Be Mine Tonight)
    -Promise Circle (Easy To Touch)

  154. Carlos says:

    Ok muchas gracias por cintestarme

  155. Carlos says:


  156. Carlos says:

    Hola Djrichiep, quiero pedirte el favor si es posible de postear las siguientes versiones de catch me i’m falling del grupo Pretty Poison.
    -Bonus House Beats
    -The Dub
    -Extra Bonus Beats


  157. Daniel says:

    Thanks for all these! A lot of the 12″ remixes are so hard to come by these days except in 2nd hand vinyl stores by luck. Haven’t seen Nu Shooz Dutch Mix of I Can’t Wait since 1986! I have very fond memories of the Technics SL-1200MK2. We used them as back-ups at the radio station I was at for a while if the panel turntables should fail, which they tended to do. They were very nice to use.

  158. Rollo says:

    Dear djrichiep,

    love your site very much. I discovered it just recently.
    And your music is more funky than the music at the other similar site you also referred to at your “About Fun with Vinyl” page.

    I have a thought though.
    You re-master the already mastered Vinyl a second time in a way, which goes into the direction of the “loudness war”. This ruins the “sound of vinyl”, which was fortuately not so compressed/brickwalled/limited in the 80s as it is fashion today. For my taste, the 80s music suffers from such a treatment.
    Honestly, I would prefer the raw Vinyl rips, if they would be accessible.
    The same applies to the denoising/declicking, which flattens the tranients.
    So raw would be perfect for me, and would safe you a considerable amount of time.
    But of course your other followers may prefer your re-mastered sound. a tribute to the “modern taste”.

    Maybe a poll would be interesting, which sound the followers prefer, by providing a raw and mastered version of one 12”.
    The “other” Dj did post an untouched and a touched version of the “michael-sembello-maniac-us-12” on October 23rd, 2014.
    That resulted in quite a discussion… 🙂

    Your music selection is nicer, but you even more pushes the limits of the limiter, which is dounble a pity because the original music is not available at remote parts of this world, not to mention the 35 years out of print.

    So, what do you think?
    Did you keep the raw files as a backup for future reference?

    Thank you anyway for your efforts done so far!

    • djrichiep says:

      Rollo, you are not the first person to complain about my recording methods and you probably won’t be the last. You can search through the site and find that my answer has not changed and won’t change. I’m converting my record collection for my listening and archiving purposes. I decided to start this blog to share what I was doing with others, as a courtesy mostly. I’m not going to change the way I master my recordings and I do not have server space or bandwidth to also provide raw vinyl rips. I’m sorry you are not pleased with what I do here. I can’t please everyone. Thank you for taking the time to write and I hope you will continue to visit the blog despite your dissatisfaction with my recording methods.

  159. FA says:

    Hi, great site and thank you for all your effort. I’m desperately after the 12” of ‘In My Pants’ by the Reddings or failing that the album ”If Looks Could Kill”. If you have these I would be very grateful as I have been desperate to hear this track for years in good quality but sadly no longer have a turntable. If you don’t have it I’m even prepared to locate and buy a mint copy and send it to you! Thanks, keep it up please.

    • djrichiep says:

      FA, glad you enjoy the blog. I don’t have that record and I’m sorry to say, I wouldn’t be able to get it recorded for you before August of next year or so. If you’re still in need of it around that time, hit me up and we’ll work it out!

  160. Funk-Im says:

    Hey!, I’ve been following your site for some time and noticed that you also enjoy Latin Hip Hop/Freestyle Music, If so then you’ll like my Freestyle Blog, heres the link – drop by sometime and get your Freestyle Fix.

  161. That Media Guy says:

    Hey I was just wondering. You say that you use an Audio Technica AT440MLa Phono Cartridge with a Technics SL-1200MK2 Turntable. I was curious what headshell you are using? Is it a Technics or Audio-Technica or something else? Thank You.

  162. Malik D Jefferson says:

    Can you post N.E heartbreak promo and 10 minute of Ralph T sensitivity instrumental on Thursday Please
    Here’s the discogs on heartbreak

    • djrichiep says:

      Sorry buddy, I won’t be able to do that. I have a major home renovation in progress. For real, there was no roof on the place Friday. Today I had shoulder surgery to repair a torn bicep and arthritic spurs. I can’t fill ANY requests for several months. The posts you are currently seeing have been in the can and scheduled way in advance. Be patient with me, please.

  163. capitancrunch says:

    I just realized that you had a comment page and will not be able to post for several months. Please think about maybe posting the two Kiddo albums if possible in the future. Thank you!!!

  164. capitancrunch says:

    I thought for sure you had there album or a 12″ of them. Make sure to pick them up if you come a cross them. Their most recognizable song is Try My Lovin’ The first album is self titled.

  165. kitt1987 says:

    Any slim chance you have a copy of “Another Holiday” by the Other Ones or “Alibis” by Sergio Mendes you might be able to post?

    • djrichiep says:

      Sorry kitt, I don’t have either of those but, those are definitely 2 records I will get if I run across them in the record bins one day.

  166. PridentOnline says:

    Hi Richie: I just discovered your site a couple days ago and find it a treasure trove of music.

    A few years back much of my vinyl collection was lost or ruined after flooding hit our area. Luckily I was able to recover much of it.(Much of them are mildewed, however)

    Your site has helped me find digital copies of some of my favorites: Jane Weidlin: “Rush Hour”, Kathy Troccoli: “Everything Changes” (among many others). One of my favorites that I am trying to replace is a 12″ mix of Melissa Manchester’s “My Boyfriend’s Back” which has a medley mix with “Runaway”.( If you locate a clean copy can U post it please.

    Thanx for all your help and keep up the fabulous work.

    • djrichiep says:

      Thank you for the compliments on the site, I’m very happy you have found some records here to help “restore” your collection. I don’t have that MM record but, I will certainly pick up a copy if I run across it.

  167. kenneth says:

    I really like your site!

    However,I’m looking for the 1987 vls of
    Babyface’s Mary Mack,do you have it? If
    not,can you get it?

    I’m very impressed with the site,and your
    knowledge of the songs,& artists.

    Thank you

    • djrichiep says:

      Kenneth, thank you for all the kind words about the site! Sorry to say, I don’t have that Babyface record. Chances are, I could pick it up at some point but, it will be quite some time before I’d be able to get it posted. I am hoping that by the 2nd half of this year that I will be better equipped to fill requests more quickly but, I’m just not at that point yet. Sorry about that.

  168. Carlos says:

    Hi Richie, please Cathy Denis “Touch Me All Night Long” Thanks.
    Saludo desde Colombia.

  169. Flabbergast says:

    Hey there, a friend told me about your blog and I’ve been enjoying what I see here a lot. I also do vinyl rips on my blog (and we use the same AT cart!) but the reason I am commenting is because I thought you might like this post I wrote on the 22nd of April about the man who basically taught me how to listen to music. In all of my 41 years on this planet, a celebrity death has never affected me like this. You are one lucky guy to have seen his final show. I feel such a strong solidarity with fellow fans right now, we need to stick together. The friend who told me about you lives in Sweden, it’s like hands across the purple globe or something. Anyway here is a snapshot of that day for me –

    • djrichiep says:

      Nicely done, I left a comment on your post and I have added your blog to my Links list. I encourage anyone reading this to check out Flabbergasted Vibes.

  170. Peter V says:

    First off, I have to say: THANK YOU for your incredible work on this site! What an amazing resource. I’ve really enjoyed so much that I’ve found here, especially the Prince Virtual U.S. 7″ Box Set.

    Second, I was wondering if you have and would be able to rip Sheila E.’s Bedtime Stories 7″? No worries if not, of course.

    Thank you again!

    • djrichiep says:

      Peter, first, thank you for the kind words about the blog, I’m very happy you have enjoyed it so much. I don’t have the Bedtime Story 7″ and, the reason is, the tracks on the 7″ aren’t any different than the tracks on the album, as far as I know. If there is a difference I’m not aware of, I would certainly be willing to track down a copy for posting here.

      • Peter V says:

        I haven’t heard it, but I was mostly curious to see whether the version of “Dear Michelangelo” on the B-side has a different ending (e.g. a fade or something) than the album version, which ends quite abruptly followed by the drumbeats that start “A Love Bizarre.” In any case, no worries, and thanks again!

        • djrichiep says:

          I see, that is worth checking out. I’ll see about getting a copy and ripping it. Just be aware it will take me a long time to get it posted, I’m not quite setup to respond to requests very quickly yet.

  171. Gàbor says:

    I am looking for a remix of the song of soul II soul called ”keep it movin”’
    It looks the same as the teddy rileys (same beginning but with a sample of Rakim ”clap to this”) I don’t find it nowere. Could you help me?

  172. SimonP says:

    Hi Rich

    Totally off topic here, but some friends and I will be making a flying visit to GA and SC in the fall and was wondering if you had any tips for places to visit (not just music stores! 😉 )

    I think our basic itinerary is Atlanta, Athens, Charlotte, Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Savannah, St Simon’s Island and then back to Atlanta for flight back to the UK. Might have that list in the wrong order, but I think it makes a loop!

    If you’re interested in providing me with tourist info as well as great music it may be best to take this to email? 🙂

    • djrichiep says:

      I can certainly give you some ideas for Atlanta, Athens and Savannah. What kind of things are you wanting to know? Amusement parks? Sight seeing? Bars/restaurants? All of the above?

      Any idea how many days you’ll be spending in each town?

      • AndyM says:

        Hey djrrichiep!!

        Andy here. I was wondering if you have these records:

        Eddie “E.T.” Towns – “Best Friends” (LP) (1986)
        Rockwell – “Grow Up” (12″ Single) (1986)

        Alright, hope to hear these again in the near future!!

        Take care.


        • djrichiep says:

          Heyyyyy Andy! Sorry to say, I don’t have either of those records but, I will keep them in mind as I shop for records in the future.

      • SimonP says:

        Mostly just a whistle stop tour with a single night in each town/city, but staying a few nights in Myrtle and SSI. Probably just restaurants and nicer areas of town to stay in, I guess.

  173. Goldy says:

    Hello from sunny Europe .

    Over the last few years i have dropped by and have always enjoyed your writing on a lot records i loved / enjoyed .

    I have always got a extra kick out of your musings on Prince , as a lifelong fan myself , your blog was one of my first stops on the 21st / 22nd of April 2016 .

    I had planned on releasing my homage on Prince’s ” Months Mind ” but decided i would rather celebrate life and go live on his birthday .

    So honestly not trying to ” jockey back ” on your blog …..just sharing with you as you share with the world.

    ( you may like it , ya may hate it 😉 )

    All vinyl – heavily used & played for the last 30 years .

    Official / Bootlegs

    Lossless can be found here

    ” 07061958 & 4Ever ( Happy Birthday ) ”

    Peace .

    Goldy .

    • djrichiep says:

      Sounds good so far, thanks for sharing, I’ve posted it to my Facebook page so that more people might see it… Thanks!

      • Goldy says:

        Eh Yo !!!

        Thank you so much for the shares of the mix .

        I hope the Purple Clan enjoyed it , it was never meant to be the most rare tracks ….just a random selection of tunes that made me smile in the wake of ” the news “.

        Much love to lifelong and new fans.

        Its often said but in Princes case i think its most true , there will never ever be a musician / icon / pop star like him again .

        Peace .

        Goldy .

  174. Malik D Jefferson says:

    Can you post my name is prince 12 please

  175. Marc says:

    Hi, love the site! Would you happen to have:

    NEEDTOBREATHE – Happy If You Could / Difference Maker (Charleston Demo) 7″
    Butch Walker – Chrissie Hynde 7″

  176. greg says:

    Hi richie, your blog is awesome! do you happen to have
    Tommy Page – A Zillion Kisses?

  177. Walter says:

    Steve Miller Band ‎– Bongo Bongo (Dance Mix)

    P L E A S E ! ! !

  178. Carlos says:

    Hola muchas gracias por la maxigrafia de the jets, tendras “Make It Real” ?
    Saludo desde Colombia.

  179. Erich says:

    Do you have the 12″ of Peter Gabriel’s In Your Eyes. Desperately looking for the special mixes.

  180. Susan says:

    Hi! Do you have vinyl rips of Prince’s albums?

    • djrichiep says:

      Sorry, no. I try, sometimes I fail but, I try not to post something that is still in print. As far as I know, most of Prince’s albums are still in print so, I haven’t ripped any of them.

  181. James says:

    I’ve been looking for a quality vinyl rip of Maurice White’s 12 Inch version of Stand By Me including the Instrumental version. This is not available in digital form other than some low quality rips found online. I have the CD but not the 12″ versions. This was his most popular single as a solo artist. Is there any chance you can find this and make it available for his fans?

    • djrichiep says:

      James, I do actually have that record in my collection, just haven’t gotten to it yet. Give me some time and I’ll see if I can get that one up here for you.

      • Andy says:

        Hey man!!

        Andy here again. Just wondering if you now obtained the 12″ single of Rockwell’s ’86 song, “Grow Up”. Also, do you have any 12″ singles of Sam Bostic’s work. He had two hit songs on Atlantic in ’85 titled, “Cold Tears”, and “Women Out There Waiting”. Very Prince influenced, and I think you’ll really like his stuff if you know anything about Sam Bostic. Anyway, those are my requests:

        1. Rockwell – “Grow Up” (12″ Single) (Motown – 1986)
        2. Sam Bostic – “Cold Tears (12” Single) (Atlantic – 1985)
        3. Sam Bostic – “Women Out There Waiting” (12″ Single) (Atlantic – 1985)

      • James says:

        Great to hear that you have Stand By Me, can’t wait to hear it.
        Not to ask too much at once but I have a short list of hard to find 12″ versions of:

        Blake & Hines – Sherry
        Brass Construction – Can You See the Light
        Kool & the Gang – Holiday
        Narada Michael Walden – I Don’t Want Nobody Else (To Dance with You)

        I suppose it doesn’t hurt to ask if you have them. ???

      • James says:

        Just wondering if my request for “Stand By Me” has fallen through the cracks. Any thoughts on how far down the list this one is? Love the site but still waiting.

  182. Fernández says:

    With this words, I would like to remember that Rod Temperton has recently passed away.

    I would like to thank him for his wonderful music. He will continue making me happy everyday while I listen to his hits.

    Rest in peace.

  183. Tim says:

    Hi, do you happen to have georgio-lovers lane 12″ and morris day- the oak tree 12″. Love this site, brings back so many good memories.

  184. John Smith says:

    Dear DJ Riechip,

    I’m desperately searching for a flac rip of the 12″ vinyl promo version of Lauryn Hill’s Doo Wop. It is supposedly the only dirty version around. I would like to buy you the vinyl for that purpose but I have only found it on discogs.

    Another track with a similar problem is kelis – fuck them bitches. A friend of mine has the Vinyl but he doesn’t have good equipment to rip it (yet).

    If you happen to know if there is a dirty version of Jagged Edge’s album Jagged Little Thrill please let me know.

    Thanks in advance!

    • djrichiep says:

      First, I moved your comment to the General Comments page, it’s a little more suitable for this discussion.
      Yeah, I’ll take those records and rip them for you. I’m finally capable of doing this now. Is the email address you entered valid? If so, I’ll email you to discuss details.

  185. matt says:

    Do you have the Joe Jackson Breaking Us in Two single with Target on the B side and his Real Men ep from Spain?

  186. memoryboy says:

    Hi. I am new here. I wanted to let you know that I have tried a number of times and the download (FLAK) for Joan Jett & The Blackhearts single “I Love Rock N Roll” is not working. All the other songs i tried earlier this week seemed to have worked fine. I love your website by the way. When I have more time on ,my next day off I will spend more time exploring your website. Was hoping to be able to download Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock N Roll”, that song brings me back to 1982!!

    • djrichiep says:

      Sorry buddy, not sure what problem you are experiencing. I just downloaded the FLAC file with no problem so, the link is good. Are you on a PC, MAC, phone? Are you getting an error message? Let me know, we’ll figure it out.

      • memoryboy says:

        Hi, I am on a PC, and I have downloaded the FLAK for “I Love Rock ‘N Roll’ and it does download, but I notice when I try and convert it to mp3 it doesn’t work (I always convert FLAK to mp3) all the other ones have worked just fine, not sure what’s wrong.

        • memoryboy says:

          (2) All your other FLAK files have been fine downloading and converting to mp3. I am on a PC. I am just having problems with Joan Jett & the Blackhearts – I Love Rock ‘N Roll. I will try again tonight when i get home. Not sure whats wrong on my end. Thanks for responding. Love your website.

          • djrichiep says:

            I tested the FLAC files I still have on my PC, they converted to WAV with no errors. I have repackaged the Joan Jett FLAC files and replaced them on the server. Grab them again and see if they work for you. If not, I’m afraid I don’t know what else to do to help you out.

  187. George Price says:

    Hey Richie..sounds like this person went through the same thing I did a while back! If it’s a phone he or she is using, then it could be a sign you need a new phone.

    • djrichiep says:

      How is the site working with your phone now? A friend, that couldn’t access before on his phone, is now able to since I changed hosting service. I wonder if that has made a difference for others?

      And, by the way, how does one access the RAR files on my site using a phone? I’ve never looked into it, is it doable? Are you able to download, unpack and actually listen on your phone without having to sync anything from a computer?

  188. memoryboy says:

    Hi again. First off I want to say I am really loving your website. I have found some amazing stuff on here. I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving. I am especially enjoying your collection of Prince’s stuff. Still reeling from the news of his death. One track that would make his singles collection on here complete would be ‘Controversy’, you do have the single version uploaded, but as you described it’s from a picture disc and the sound quality off that vinyl is so “Picture-disc-ish” that it sounds low-volume and muffled compared to all your stellar rips of all his other singles. I am wondering if you have a vinyl 7″ single or possible album to rip that amazing song off. I want to add it to my singles collection that you have provided here, but that ‘Controversy’ picture-disc single stands out like a sore thumb.
    I do have a second thing I wanted to mention. I wrote you earlier, a few weeks ago about the Joan Jett & The Blackhearts vinyl single of “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll on here. I have no trouble downloading your FLAK files and then reconfiguring them in to 320kbps mp3 files. But that one is the only one not working on my end. I have tried various ways and options to configure that file and it always says “error” on it. It does download the art work, but no mp3 files. Not sure why. You have said you checked it. I assume you tried to reconfigure the FLAK file in to an mp3 file, so I am still baffled as to why it won’t work on my end. It seems to download as a FLAK file fine.

  189. memoryboy says:

    (2) P.S. I am on a Desk top computer. I also noticed this morning I am having an “error” with another FLAC download. This time it’s the 12″ Single by ‘Yes” “Owner Of A Lonely Heart”. I nam converting the FLAK in to 320kbpd mp3 files. It converted the art work and 2 of the tracks fine, but the (Special “Red & Blue” Remix Dance Version) did not convert to mp3.

    • djrichiep says:

      As far as the edit version of Controversy goes, the only vinyl copy I have right now is the picture disc. However, that edit is on The Hits/The B-Sides collection. Also, a high quality copy is part of this compilation:

      As far as the issues you are having with files, I assume you are referring to converting the FLAC files to MP3? Or are you having problems unpacking the rar files? I’m not quite clear on your issue. What software are you using to convert files to MP3? I use dbPoweramp for all my audio file conversions, I have not had any issues converting formats using that. Let me know.

      • memoryboy says:

        Thanks for your response. I am using a program called FlacSquisher V.1.3.7, maybe the setting’s on there are causing the problem. Although it has worked fine over the past month converting your FLAC files to 320kbps mp3. And I just now downloaded the FLAC files of your Prince singles box set (Disc 2, Vol. 1) and there were errors and it didn’t convert all the tracks to mp3 I noticed. I am going to take some time to go through everything on my end and write you back in the next few days to give you all the information I can. It must be something wrong my on my end. I downloaded a number of your FLAC files recently and converted them to mp3 320kbps and it seemed to work fine. Not sure why this is happening. Thanks for your time. I will write again soon…

  190. memoryboy says:

    One quick thing, I am trying out dBpoweramp and I was disappointed it doesn’t let me convert FLAC to 320kbps mp3. Am I wrong about that? It appears to only convert to a lower kbps, it says 240kbps, do you know if that’s as high as the quality goes on dBpoweramp?

  191. memoryboy says:

    ….never mind about converting FLAC to the 320kbps, I figured it out. I will write again in a few days and see why I am having trouble with some files…

  192. memoryboy says:

    GOOD NEWS!! I tried out dBpoweramp at your suggestion and it works beautifully. Finally the FLAC file was converted to 320kbps mp3. I’m not sure what the issue was with the other program I was using, but I am glad I asked you. Thanks for your suggestion. And all the files for the Prince Virtual U.S. 7″ Singles Box are also working fine. Thank you!

  193. memoryboy says:

    (2) also I should add Joan Jett’s “I love Rock ‘N’ Roll” is working fine as you said. Thanks again.

  194. memoryboy says:

    I notice a converting error on ‘Erotic City’ (Edit) in the Prince – The Virtual U.S. 7″ Singles Box Volume 1 (CD 3), and when i check the mp3 the time on it is only 00:53 seconds. Am I correct on this error. I am not using dBpoweramp and converting the FLAC files to 320kbps mp3 files. So far it has worked great for me, but this one track seems to have an error.

  195. memoryboy says:

    (3) Gosh, I am really sorry I have flooded this feed with so many comments. Feel free to delete a few I guess. I hope I’m not annoying anyone. I just noticed a second error on the track “Another Lonely Christmas”. I used dBpoweramp and converted the FLAC to 320kbps mp3 and that track only stands at 00:29 seconds. So far I’ve noticed errors like this on 2 tracks… Erotic City as I mentioned earlier, and now this one. I am hoping you might be able to confirm this, otherwise I am doing something wrong on my end. But I don’t think so. Everything else has converted just fine so far….

  196. Matt says:

    Do you have anything from Robbie Robertson?

  197. memoryboy says:

    Good evening. A few weeks back I posted a few comments, and let you know there were some errors on a few of the Prince singles in the “Prince – The Virtual U.S. 7″ Singles Box Volume 1 (CD 3)”, I noticed a converting error on ‘Erotic City’ (Edit). A second error on the track “Another Lonely Christmas”. I used dBpoweramp and converted the FLAC to 320kbps mp3 and that track only stands at 00:29 seconds. Do you also notice these errors? Just wanted to make sure you saw this. Also, wanted to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  198. David says:

    Hey Richie, two years ago I posted on looking for a vinyl rip of “Say You Do” (Because the CD and Cassette had the Special Dance Mix) by Janet Jackson from the vinyl album Janet Jackson. Another follower Jahman generously shared it in FLAC and MP3. I am just wondering if you happened to download that yourself? I can not find the FLAC file anywhere on my hard drive or my external hard drives. I am hoping either you have it or that Jahman sees this. I am trying to make my entire Janet library in Lossless and desperately need this.

    Thanks for any help!


  199. Tim says:

    Hi, do you happen to have the stylistics-love is not the answer (the remix) it was a white label remix that contained samples from one way-let’s talk. if yoy have it could you post it please, many thanks.

  200. James says:

    Hi Richie, Enjoying your Patti Austin rips, do you happen to have “Do You Love Me” the long version?

  201. David says:

    Hey Richie just posting this here hoping maybe one of your followers can help. Hope that’ OK…

    I am desperately trying to get a HQ vinyl rip of the song “Say You Do” from Janet Jackson’s first album “Janet Jackson”. The vinyl LP is the only version with the original version of “Say You Do”. I had a FLAC file from someone that ripped it for me (and it was a great rip) but, seem to have lost it. I now only have an MP3 file. The CD and Cassette both have the special dance mix instead of the album version,. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I tried contacting the person that originally sent it to me but they must no visit the blog or haven’t seen my request.


  202. Sean says:

    So I’m listening to a mix CD in my car and an absolute monster comes on the stereo–almost as epic as “Atomic Dog”.

    I can’t place the song. But then I realize it is “Bottom’s Up” by the Chi-Lites.

    I owe you for that one!

    You know, on a different note about this era of music. Have you ever heard of Kleeer? I never had before last year and their stuff is pretty hot. In those days, 1879-1985, maybe there was still some regional hits? But I recommend them quite a bit. It’s a chance to live the era again: “Winners” & “Running Back to You” are the picks for me.


    • djrichiep says:

      I know 2 Kleer songs, “Tonight” and “Intimate Connection”, unfortunately I don’t have any on vinyl, maybe I should look into picking some up.

  203. David says:

    Hey Richie.

    Do you happen to have “Some Kind Of Lover” US 12″ Promo?
    Would love to have this it has the Radio Edit of the Remix like the other 12″ singles. Also Do you know if there is an A Capella of “Some Kind Of Lover” & “Most of All”?

    Thanks for all you share

  204. David says:

    Is there any way you could post Do Me Right 12″ by Pebbles. Then you would have all five 12″ from the Pebbles album.

    Thank You


  205. Rick says:

    hi there, I was wondering if you have Heart on the line 12″ by Jennifer Holliday? I thought you had posted some of her vinyl before, but I didn’t see her in the artists list?

    thanks…love your site!!

    Rick 🙂

    • djrichiep says:

      Sorry Rick, I’ve never had any Jennifer Holliday records. You can donate the record to the blog and I will rip it and post it for everyone.

      • Rick says:

        ok great, if I can find one? I didn’t even know it existed until I stumbled upon the discogs listing!! thanks very much for getting back to me!! Rick 🙂

  206. Grady Richardson says:

    I don’t suppose its possible to find and post almost every CD maxi single release of George Michael’s FastLove from 1996, is it?
    (especially this one)

  207. JF says:

    Would like to see The Jets “Sending All My Love” 12″ from the Magic album. It was their only number one dance song.

  208. Ray says:

    Great site Love it,
    Do you have
    Chameleon (1983 Re-mix)
    Cheers and Thanks

  209. Dane says:

    Hey Mister DJ! =)

    Could you please rectify the FLAC download link for the following release:

    At the moment, clicking that link just redirects to your main page, without any download starting.

    Love your site!

    All the best!

    // Dane

    • djrichiep says:

      Not sure what problem you are having but, I don’t see an issue with the link, I was able to download it this morning, try again…

      • Dane says:

        Thanks for your reply!

        So I tried it again after reading your reply, and it still doesn’t work. I even tried using a different web browser, but that didn’t work either. Just to be clear, this is the link I’m clicking:

        Which should start the download, but instead redirects me to here:

        What do you make of it?

        • Dane says:

          Well, it’s the weirdest thing… After leaving my reply to you above I decided to click the download link that I added in my response to you, and then …all of a sudden it works! So looks like it’s some kind of problem on my side, but the weird thing is, that’s the one and only link that hasn’t worked for me. All other links I’ve tried have worked beautifully! =) Thanks again for your reply and for your HQ rips!

          • djrichiep says:

            Who the heck knows? The internet does internetty things sometimes!

            • Ray says:

              I have just tried and the download links just take you to the homepage and still seem to be un-downloadable

            • Ray says:

              I had the same issue with Nasty by JJ – 3/2/2016

              • Ray says:

                sorry – still an issue as of 5th Feb 2017

                • djrichiep says:

                  I’m sorry, I don’t know what to tell you. The files are all there, all the download links work for me. No one else is having the issue you are having or there would be lots of comments about it. What kind of device are you using? PC, MAC, phone, tablet? Have you tried on something else?

                  • Ray says:

                    It is the same issue as “Dane” had.
                    I tried again in Chrome (use firefox) and then on another PC using Explorer all with same result.
                    I have compared code address and even changed against a JJ that works, same result just goes to homepage.
                    I cannot see anything either.
                    You could test from another machine or get another regular to test for you.


                    This is info is just for you to note. i will test again when I return to work and on another domain.
                    Cheers and keep up the good work.
                    Warm Regards

                    • Ray says:

                      Wow Wow Wow
                      The link I pasted into the comments page WORKED in Chrome.
                      I cannot explain this.
                      so I’m good, but O so strange
                      Warm Regards

  210. MATT says:

    Do you have either Robbie Robertson 12″ for “Fallen Angel” or “Somewhere Down The Crazy River” that has a B side called “Tailgate”?

  211. Slaughta says:

    Looking For
    Evelyn King Teenager 12 inch
    Margi Coleman ‎– Winnin’ Ova You Double 12 inch


  212. PMOTT says:

    Hi, do you have the 12″ single for Hall and Oates Possession Obsession that has a hidden track for the dub version of Possession Obsession and the remix for Dance on Your Knees?

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