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Haircut One Hundred (1983) Prime Time UK 12″

Haircut One Hundred (1983) Prime Time UK 12"

Haircut One Hundred’s UK 12″ release of “Prime Time” features the Late Night Shopping Version with “Too Up Two Down” on the b-side.

Haircut 100 (1982) Exclusives 12″ Promo

Haircut 100 (1982) Exclusives 12" Promo

Yeah baby, ‘Pelican West’, one of my all-time Top 10 favorite albums. I simply love the light, breezy, jazzy pop vibe of the album. It would definitely be one of my desert island discs. This neat little promo sampler was pretty cool in its day with multiple extended versions and the non-album track “Ski Club”. I didn’t seem to find any CD reissues of ‘Pelican West’ containing all of the tracks from this record so, maybe I have unearthed some vinyl-only gems here? I’m sure someone will be along quickly to correct me if that isn’t right. 😉

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