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INXS (1990) Suicide Blonde 12″ Promo

INXS (1990) Suicide Blonde 12" Promo

Not many artists can claim a successful chart run where they consistently charted on the Pop, Rock and Dance charts. INXS was a special band that connected with a wide audience.

INXS (1990) Disappear UK 12″

INXS (1990) Disappear UK 12"

This 12″ is all stuff, no fluff. Extended mixes of 3 INXS hit songs on one platter. And, Ben Liebrand? ‘Nuff said.

INXS (1985) What You Need 12″

INXS (1985) What You Need 12"

I was listening to an old American Top 40 radio show a few weeks ago. Casey Kasem was introducing an INXS song and he told a story about their name. The band chose the big, block, bold 4-letter name because it stood out more on signs/posters/advertising. There was a lot of competition on the club circuit when the band was getting their start and they noticed that the bigger a band’s name was on the poster, the bigger the crowd they drew at the club. So, they shortened In Excess to INXS in order to be able to print their name in larger letters.

INXS (1982) The One Thing 12″ Promo

INXS (1982) The One Thing 12" Promo

There’s always been a positive response anytime I’ve posted an INXS record so, the first 4 days of this week should please a lot of you. I really can’t imagine any INXS tracks are still vinyl only, what with all the anthologies, compilations, deluxe versions, etc. that have been released from their catalog over the years. But, some of you prefer the sound that vinyl provides so, here come a few INXS vinyl rips for your listening pleasure… Enjoy!

INXS (1987) New Sensation 7″

INXS (1987) New Sensation 7"

Hey hey, are you ready for, A new sensation, a new sensation, Right now, Gonna take you on a, New sensation, a new sensation.

A new sensation, Hey hey hey hey, A new sensation, A new sensation.

INXS (1988) New Sensation 12″ Picture Disc

INXS (1988) New Sensation 12" Picture Disc

Hey now, I’m gonna take you over, A new sensation, a new sensation, Right now, Gotta hold on you, A new sensation, a new sensation, A new sensation, a new sensation.

A new sensation.

INXS (1986) Listen Like Thieves 12″

INXS (1986) Listen Like Thieves 12"

Everybody’s down on their knees, Listen like thieves, But who needs that, When it’s all in your hands.

Everybody’s down on their knees, Listen like thieves, For the end results, But who needs that?

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