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Klymaxx (1984) Lock And Key 12″

Klymaxx (1984) Lock And Key 12"

A – Lock And Key (Extended Version) (07:52)
B1 – Lock And Key (Radio Edit) (05:37)
B2 – Lock And Key (Dub Version) (07:05)
B3 – Lock And Key (Instrumental Version) (07:52)

Klymaxx (1983) Multi-Purpose Girls 12″ Promo

Klymaxx (1983) Multi-Purpose Girls 12" Promo

A – Multi-Purpose Girls (LP Version) (06:18)
B – Multi-Purpose Girls (Long Instrumental Version) (06:19)

Klymaxx (1982) The Man In My Life UK 12″

Klymaxx (1982) The Man In My Life UK 12"

A – The Man In My Life (Remix by Fred Dove and Froggy)
B1 – The Man In My Life (Dub Version – Mix by Froggy)
B2 – Heartbreaker (I’m Such A Mess)

Klymaxx (1986) Man Size Love 12″

Klymaxx (1986) Man Size Love 12"

The “Man Size Love” 12″ from Klymaxx features remixes by Louil Silas, Jr. and Bruce Swedien, along with an instrumental cut.

Klymaxx (1984) Meeting In The Ladies Room GER 12″

Klymaxx (1984) Meeting In The Ladies Room GER 12"

This German 12″ features Frank Poulton’s remix of Klymaxx’s “Meeting In The Ladies Room” along with Party Mixes of the title track and “Lock And Key”.

Klymaxx (1984) The Men All Pause 12″

Klymaxx (1984) The Men All Pause 12"

This 1984 12″ release from Klymaxx features Louil Silas, Jr.’s remix of “The Men All Pause” from their ‘Meeting In The Ladies Room’ album.

Klymaxx – Sexy 12″

Klymaxx - Sexy 12"

The track “Sexy” was the second single released from Klymaxx’s self-titled fifth album in 1986. The song was co-produced by George Clinton.

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