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Martika (1992) Spirit UK 12″ Promo

Martika (1992) Spirit UK 12" Promo

The third of three singles released from ‘Martika’s Kitchen’ that featured involvement from Prince is “Spirit”. It was a promo only release in the UK with one remix per side. It is our second spotting of D-Mob’s Dancin’ Danny D this month as a remixer. Since it only contained remixes for club play, there was no chart action for “Spirit”.

Martika (1991) Martika’s Kitchen NL 12″

Martika (1991) Martika's Kitchen NL 12"

The second of 3 Prince-penned singles released from ‘Martika’s Kitchen’ did not fare as well as its predecessor. The title track from the album spent only 2 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US. It did do a little better in the UK reaching #17 and in Australia getting to #29. The highlight of this 12″ is the Prince mix of “Love… Thy Will Be Done”. The lowlight is Tony M. rapping on the Alt. Dub Version 😉

Martika (1991) Love… Thy Will Be Done EUR 12″

Martika (1991) Love... Thy Will Be Done EUR 12"

When recording her second album, ‘Martika’s Kitchen’, Martika enlisted the aide of Prince who produced four of the 12 tracks on the album. The most successful of those tracks was “Love… Thy Will Be Done” which garnered Martika a Top 10 pop hit in the US & UK and a #1 in Australia. This 12″ provides the 7″ Edit version and two album cuts on the flipside. The track “Temptation” was covered later in 1991 by Patti LaBelle on her ‘Burnin’ album. We’ll take a look at some more Martika records next week, have a great weekend everyone!

Martika – I Feel The Earth Move 12″

Martika - I Feel The Earth Move 12"

Side A: I Feel The Earth Move (Seismic Rhythm Mix) 7:10 I Feel The Earth Move (Dub Mix) 6:23 Side B: I Feel The Earth Move (Club Mix) 6:35 The Brief: Marta Marrero, better known as Martika, released her debut, self-titled album, on CBS Records in 1988. “I Feel The Earth Move” was the third […]

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