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Natalie Cole (1990) Wild Women Do 12″

Natalie Cole (1990) Wild Women Do 12"

The 1990 12″ release of “Wild Women Do” by Natalie Cole features remixes by David Frank & Mic Murphy plus a mix by Arthur Baker to close out the 2nd side.

Natalie Cole (1988) Pink Cadillac 12″ Promo

Natalie Cole (1988) Pink Cadillac 12"

Natalie Cole’s 1988 12″ promo release of “Pink Cadillac” features remixes by David Cole & Robert Clivilles and a 12″ version of “I Wanna Be That Woman”.

Natalie Cole – Jump Start 12″

Natalie Cole - Jump Start 12"

The A Side: Jump Start (Dance Mix) 7:15 Jump Start (Dub) 7:25 The B Side: Jump Start (Radio Edit) 4:18 More Than The Stars 4:34 The Brief: In November of 2010, I posted a 12” of “Jump Start” by Natalie Cole that featured “3 New Jump Start Remixes”. I’d had that 12” since 1987 and […]

Natalie Cole – Jump Start 12”

Natalie Cole – Jump Start 12”

In 1987, Natalie Cole released her eleventh studio album entitled ‘Everlasting’. “Jump Start” was the first single from that LP and it went to #2 R&B.

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