Prince (1989) The Scandalous Sex Suite 12″

Guest Blogger: Chris Bennett
The Scandalous Sex Suite 12″

Very Brief:
“The Scandalous Sex Suite” was released in 1989 as one of the ‘Batman’ soundtrack related single releases. Other than the Europe-only single release of “The Future” / “Electric Chair” remixes, this was Prince’s last commercial single release of the 1980’s. It is also one of his last single releases to feature a real extended version of a song on the lead side and a non-album track on the second side rather than the numerous remixes that would feature on later single releases.

Whereas the first three singles from the Batman soundtrack (“Batdance”, “Partyman” and “Arms Of Orion”) were generally released worldwide, the “Scandalous Sex Suite” was not released in the UK and was only available there on European or US imports.

“The Scandalous Sex Suite” on side one is essentially the song “Scandalous” divided into three parts – The Crime, The Passion and The Rapture – which are approximately six and a half minutes long. Each part seamlessly segues into the next as one continuous piece making up the suite but each has its own distinct characteristics.

The Crime features mellow saxophone and guitar solos in lieu of the sung verses. It is mainly instrumental apart from the chorus and intimate dialogue between Prince and actress Kim Basinger who played Vicky Vale in the Batman movie. The Passion is structured more closely to the album version but has extended multi-tracked vocal passages by Prince. The Rapture features an electric guitar solo and processed vocal passages by Prince and concludes with a saxophone solo and additional spoken passages by Kim Basinger.

A point of interest to note is that “Scandalous” is one of the few songs that Prince co-wrote with his father, John L. Nelson. (“Computer Blue” and “The Ladder” from ‘Purple Rain’ and ‘Around The World In A Day’ respectively, are the only others I recall off hand).

Side two features the songs “Sex” and “When 2 R In Love”. “Sex (the 80’s are over and the time has come 4 monogamy and trust)” was co-written by Prince and Levi Seacer, Jr. Clocking in at seven minutes, it is a sparse, minimalist funk song with infectious beats. It has only ever been released on “The Scandalous Sex Suite”. “When 2 R In Love” is a soft erotic ballad written by Prince. Originally it was to appear on the aborted ‘Black Album’ but when that album was shelved it was released on the ‘Lovesexy’ album in 1988.

Rest in peace, Prince. Thank you for the music which has been an inspirational soundtrack in my life.

Prince (1989) The Scandalous Sex Suite 12"The Source:
Label: Warner Bros. Records
Catalog#: 0-21422
Format: Vinyl, 12″, 33 1/3 RPM
Country: US
Released: 1989

Prince (1989) The Scandalous Sex Suite 12"The A Side:
The Scandalous Sex Suite 19:20
featuring Kim Basinger
1 The Crime 6:24
2 The Passion 6:17
3 The Rapture 6:39

The B Side:
Sex (the 80’s are over and the time has come 4 monogamy and trust) 7:02
When 2 R In Love 4:02

The Billboard Charts:

Chart Debuted Debut Pos. Peak Pos. Wks on Chart
Hot Black Singles 12/2/89 74 5 15

The Equipment:
Technics SL-1200MK2 Turntable
Audio Technica AT440MLa Phono Cartridge
Yamaha RX-Z1 A/V Receiver
Sony PCM-R300 DAT Deck
Turtle Beach Catalina sound card
Mustek Scan Express A3 1200 Scanner
Spin Clean Record Washer MKII

The Software:
Cool Edit Pro
Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006
Microsoft ICE

The Links:


Scandalous Sex Suite FLAC

Scandalous Sex Suite MP3

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Scandalous Sex Suite

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