Prince (1992) My Name Is Prince 12″

Guest Blogger: Dave3
My Name Is Prince 12″

Very Brief:
In 1992 I was 15. I had a passing familiarity with Prince’s music, though I’d never been overly taken with what I’d heard, bar some early singles. If that sounds peculiar, it’s worth mentioning that my Mother had issues with music she felt was overly sexual or taught the “wrong” morals. Because of this, I’ve always been on the fence about Madonna, but I guess all I needed was a well-timed push to find myself re-enamored with Prince’s musical output.

To say “My Name Is Prince” is a relic of it’s era is extremely accurate. Prince screams all his lyrics, the most dated of which is the declaration that the music is “funky fresh for the nineties”. Tony M’s raps sounded dangerous next to MC Hammer’s, though he’d probably run screaming if approached by Ice Cube. The video features Prince dancing on a ridiculously fake looking street with a cameo by Kirstie Alley. Worst of all, it doesn’t sound anything like Prince, and in this case that’s not a good thing. How this record grabbed my attention while the rest of Prince’s output didn’t do much for me I couldn’t tell you, but if this was the odd gateway drug, the ‘SYMBOL’ album was the real fix, blowing my mind with jazzy grooves, intense stylistic shifts and really interesting lyrics while also being ridiculously strange. Of course my Mom hated it, insisting I buy the clean version. Didn’t matter, I was in heaven.

As dated as “My Name Is Prince” is, I still love it, or at least I love the “original” mixes. The song is credited as having been remixed by Keith “K.C.” Cohen, much in the same way “Gett Off” was a remix of the 12″ sent to radio stations on Prince’s birthday. While we’ve gotten to hear that stripped-down version of “Gett Off”, we never got to hear an early version of “My Name Is Prince”. Live recordings from the Act I and Act II tours of 1992 and 1993 portray the song as less intense, and while that might have been a different experience in person, the tapes I’ve heard don’t make it nearly as explosive as the record. The 12″ Club Mix and Hard Core 12″ Mix don’t add anything to the song, dropping the vibes of the “original” version in favor of club tropes like vaguely acid or techno-tinged keyboards along with chants of “get on up ya’ll” and “funky” from Tony M and the Game Boyz. The House Mix is more minimally electronic than it’s name suggests, making it at least interesting but still utterly inessential. The true draws of the 12″ and CD Maxi Singles are the Original Mix Edit of “My Name Is Prince” and the 12″ Remix of “Sexy M.F.”. The Original Mix Edit is about a minute and a half longer than the album version, adding extra build and intensity, so if you like extended versions, this will fit the bill. It’s also worth noting that the 12″ featured a slightly shorter edit of the aforementioned track, one which is a little more concise than the version on the CD Maxi Single. But as good as this is, the remix of “Sexy M.F.” is heaven-sent! Basically an extended version of the “Sexy Mutha” remix that appeared as the B-Side of the 7″ of “My Name Is Prince” with the curses intact, it turns that jazzy, one-note groove into a full-fledged club rocker. One could argue that it loses some of the intimacy of the original, but what it gains in percussion and drive more than makes up for anything lost.

In the wake of the untimely events of the past few months, it’s a pleasure to return to “My Name Is Prince” and “Sexy M.F.”. I don’t think anyone is going to argue that either songs are prime-Prince, they’re not even my favorite Prince songs (“The Ballad of Dorothy Parker” tops so many of my personal lists) but they’re a reminder of how good he could be, finding ways to make weaker material stronger through arrangements and just trying different methods of attack. It’s not easy but I’ll cherish these memories forever. He will be missed.

Prince is dead. Long live Prince!

Prince (1992) My Name Is Prince 12"The Source:
Label: Paisley Park Records
Catalog#: 0-40700
Format: Vinyl, 12″, 33 1/3 RPM
Country: US
Released: 1992

Prince (1992) My Name Is Prince 12"The A Side:
My Name Is Prince (12″ Club Mix) 8:11
My Name Is Prince (House Mix) 7:18

The B Side:
My Name Is Prince (Original Mix Edit) 8:06
My Name Is Prince (Hard Core 12″ Mix) 7:55
Sexy M.F. (12″ Remix) 7:34

The Billboard Charts:

Chart Debuted Debut Pos. Peak Pos. Wks on Chart
Hot 100 10/10/92 70 36 11
Hot Black Singles 10/10/92 61 25 10
Hot Dance/Disco 10/31/92 48 9 11

The Equipment:
Technics SL-1200MK2 Turntable
Audio Technica AT440MLa Phono Cartridge
Yamaha RX-Z1 A/V Receiver
Sony PCM-R300 DAT Deck
Turtle Beach Catalina sound card
Mustek Scan Express A3 1200 Scanner
Spin Clean Record Washer MKII

The Software:
Cool Edit Pro
Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006
Microsoft ICE

The Links:


My Name Is Prince FLAC

My Name Is Prince MP3

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My Name Is Prince

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3 Responses to “Prince (1992) My Name Is Prince 12″”

  1. professormouse says:

    What happened to the supposed ‘My Name Is Bart’ version ?
    Which isn’t as daft as it sounds as Michael Jackson co-wrote ‘Do The Bartman’ but his name was removed for some reason [allegedly].
    And The Simpsons ‘Album’ did quite well I thought on the back of it ??
    Plus ‘mr.Nelson’ did appear on The Muppet Show did he not ???
    All together now….”My name is Bart & I’am….!”
    It Should still happen ? xx

  2. Dave3 says:

    Regarding My Name Is Bart, it was recorded for the intended second Simpsons album, The Yellow Album. The Yellow Album was released years after it was announced and suffered many delays, most likely due to the Simpsons target market changing and the dated content, My Name Is Bart was not present. It was recorded though and eventually leaked. It’s easy enough to find as part of the Work It bootleg collection.

    As for the track, it was literally Bart rhapsodizing about how great he is over the MNIP instrumental. Not a re-recording of the MNIP instrumental, the proper, legitimate article.

    As for why it wasn’t on the album, it could be that it was too dated, that MNIP wasn’t the hit they thought it would be, Prince could’ve been dissatisfied with it, the aftermath of the Simpsons script focusing on him could’ve been fresh in his mind, or Matt Groening may have looked into the stars one night and saw the word GOD in the heavens, telling him not to release the track.

    As for the Muppet Show, yup, “Mr. Nelson” was there for an episode. Though that doesn’t have anything to do with The Simpsons.

  3. Andre says:

    Amazing!I have the CD, but somehow this files sound a lil bit better> Thank u! This was the album that drew my attention to Prince. It was “7” that made me bought the album, but then I fell in love with all the rest! It has that speacial place in my heart!

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