Prince – Pink Cashmere 12″ Promo

Prince - Pink Cashmere 12" Promo Prince - Pink Cashmere 12" Promo

The A Side:

Pink Cashmere (Vocal Version) 3:56

The B Side:
Pink Cashmere (Guitar Version) 3:58
Pink Cashmere (Album Version) 6:12

The Brief:
In 1993 “Pink Cashmere” was released as the first single from Prince‘s first compilation album ‘The Hits 1’ or the first disc of ‘The Hits/The B-Sides’. It also appeared in 1996 as a track on the Girl 6 soundtrack. This promo 12” features two edits labeled “Vocal Version” and “Guitar Version” along with the original “Album Version”. These alternate versions were only available on promo releases in the US.

Well, that wraps up the Prince posts for the month, for the rest of the month we will visit with some Paisley Park artists as the month long Paisley June continues…

But wait!  There’s more!  A loyal blog reader, Andee, has provided some interesting material that he wanted to share with everyone during Paisley June:  Sheila E.’s ‘Glamourous Club EP’ from Japanese vinyl in FLAC with a bonus of the Japanese 7″ edit “Love On a Blue Train”.  You can grab that here:  Glamorous Club.  Everyone be sure and express your appreciation to Andee.

The Billboard Charts:

Chart Debuted Debut Pos. Peak Pos. Wks on Chart
Hot 100 9/18/93 88 50 9
Hot R&B Singles 9/18/93 14 15

The Source:

Label: Paisley Park Records
Catalog#: PRO-A-5993
Format: Vinyl, 12″, 33 1/3 RPM
Country: US
Released: 1993

The Equipment:
Technics SL-1200MK2 Turntable
Audio Technica AT440MLa Phono Cartridge
Yamaha RX-Z1 A/V Receiver
Sony PCM-R300 DAT Deck
Turtle Beach Catalina sound card
Mustek Scan Express A3 1200 Scanner
Spin Clean Record Washer MKII

The Software:
Cool Edit Pro
Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006
Microsoft ICE

The Links:

Pink Cashmere FLAC Pink Cashmere MP3

password is: funwithvinyl

Enjoy and get it on!

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Pink Cashmere

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24 Responses to “Prince – Pink Cashmere 12″ Promo”

  1. Marty says:

    <3 <3 <3 2 U both. =)

  2. ric says:

    Thanks Richie!
    Thanks Andee!

    Paisley Park is in our hearts!

  3. Sean says:

    Thanks Andee.

  4. SeanG says:

    Thanks so much Rich and Andee!

  5. Andee says:

    Welcome guys

  6. Okay I’m a bit confused. I had some old MP3s of the Glamorous Life EP, and there was a special message from Sheila, as well as megamix track. The one linked in this post doesn’t have that. Are these two different issues? Just need clarification to appease my OCDPrince brain.

  7. Also, wasn’t there a reggae version, listed as “promo version”, of “Pink Cashmere”?

  8. DLG says:

    First, thanks to both Andee and Richie for the Glamorous Life Japanese EP – never even knew that one existed! In fact it sounds incredible, right there with the usual greatness of FunWithVinyl stuff.

    One question – why are all the tracks in mono? The original vinyl lists the tracks as being stereo. Still sounds great – and in fact, mono tends to highlight the percussion and bass, so it’s a thumpier iteration for sure. Just curious.

    • They are not mono. Not only can I hear L and R differences, but opening up the WAV in Cool Edit Pro, the differences are visibly clear. The song doesn’t necessarily have a “wide open” type of mix, meaning it’s not airy, or tingly, or whatever term one uses for that type of thing. It’s much more muffled in some ways; muted, compressed, etc. But it is stereo.

      • Andee says:

        LOL no pleasing some

      • DLG says:

        Just to be clear, I’m not talking about the Pink Cashmere single, but the Glamorous Club EP in the link here:

        There are 5 songs in the zip file at that link, and opening them in Sound Forge reveals they are all 1-channel (mono). And the filesize also proves that – the 5 tracks combined total 32:03 in length. One minute of 44,100 16-bit mono is roughly 5 MB. One minute of 44,100 16-bit stereo is ~10 MB.

        So with a total run length of 32:03 in mono, that’s 161 MB. Compressed at about 70% in FLAC, that brings the file size down to 113 MB.

        Whereas if it *were* stereo, 32 minutes of audio would be 323 MB total. And compressed in FLAC at 70%, it’d be ~226 MB.

        But the link above is 114 MB…because the tracks are only 1 channel, not 2. And again, I was curious to know if the vinyl was either a mono press, or if it was digitized in mono for a particular reason.

        And finally, no offense is intended. I’m thankful to have such nice-sounding copies of such a rare find, mono or stereo.

        • mjb says:

          You are correct; Andee’s rip is mono, just 1 channel. It’s not even the left & right mixed together; it’s just the left channel (assuming djrichiep’s rip of ‘The Belle of Saint Mark’ posted a year ago has the channels correct).

  9. Tasty T says:

    great share and great blog. Thank you for all of your hard work.

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