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Janet Jackson (1984) Don’t Stand Another Chance 7″

Janet Jackson (1984) Don't Stand Another Chance 7"

A – Don’t Stand Another Chance (04:18)
B – Rock ‘N’ Roll (04:10)

Malcolm McLaren (1984) Would Ya Like More Scratchin’? UK LP

Malcolm McLaren (1984) Would Ya Like More Scratchin' UK LP

This album is the UK release of Malcolm McLaren & The World’s Famous Supreme Team Show’s “Would Ya Like More Scratchin’?”, a 6 track hip hop party mix.

Run-D.M.C. (1984) Rock Box 12″

Run-D.M.C. (1984) Rock Box 12"

Run-D.M.C.’s 1984 12″ release of “Rock Box” features the album version from their self-titled debut LP and two Dub versions over on the b-side.

Klymaxx (1984) Meeting In The Ladies Room GER 12″

Klymaxx (1984) Meeting In The Ladies Room GER 12"

This German 12″ features Frank Poulton’s remix of Klymaxx’s “Meeting In The Ladies Room” along with Party Mixes of the title track and “Lock And Key”.

Klymaxx (1984) The Men All Pause 12″

Klymaxx (1984) The Men All Pause 12"

This 1984 12″ release from Klymaxx features Louil Silas, Jr.’s remix of “The Men All Pause” from their ‘Meeting In The Ladies Room’ album.

Re-Flex (1984) Praying To The Beat / Cut It UK 12″

Re-Flex (1984) Praying To The Beat / Cut It UK 12"

This 1984 UK 12″ from Re-Flex features an extended version of “Cut It”. The A-Side is the LP cut of “The Politics of Dancing”, not “Praying To The Beat”.

Re-Flex (1984) Hurt (The Rubber Dub) 12″ Promo

Re-Flex (1984) Hurt (The Rubber Dub) 12" Promo

Re-Flex’s 12″ promo release of “Hurt (The Rubber Dub)” features The Rubber Dub and the Emotional Mix by John Luongo. It was a Top 20 Dance hit in 1984.

Re-Flex (1984) Hurt 12″

Re-Flex (1984) Hurt 12"

This 1984 12″ release from Re-Flex features the Emotional Mixes of “Hurt” by John Luongo (US Version) and Pete Smith (UK Version).

The Style Council (1984) My Ever Changing Moods UK 12″

The Style Council (1984) My Ever Changing Moods UK 12"

Here is The Style Council with “My Ever Changing Moods” from a 1984 UK 12″ release featuring the Long Version and two non-album tracks.

New Edition (1984) Mr Telephone Man EUR 12″

New Edition (1984) Mr. Telephone Man EUR 12"

On Feb 2, 1985 New Edition reached #1 on the R&B charts with “Mr Telephone Man”. The track was written by Ray Parker, Jr. and remixed by Louil Silas, Jr.

Loverboy (1984) Nothing’s Gonna Stop You Now 12″ Promo

Loverboy (1984) Nothing's Gonna Stop You Now 12" Promo

“Nothing’s Gonna Stop You Now” is a 1984 12″ promo featuring Olympic themes for Team Sports events, the Marathon and Boxing by Loverboy, Foreigner and Toto.

Steve Miller Band (1984) Shangri-La 12″ Promo

Steve Miller Band (1984) Shangri-La 12" Promo

“Shangri-La” came from Steve Miller Band’s 1984 album ‘Italian X Rays’. This 12″ promo was remixed by Francois Kevorkian and Jay Mark.

Newcleus (1984) Jam On It 7″

Newcleus (1984) Jam On It 7"

This vinyl rip of “Jam On It” features the 3:48 radio-friendly single version from the 1984 7″ release. Also included is a 3:45 Instrumental on the b-side.

The Time (1984) The Bird GER 7″

The Time (1984) The Bird GER 7"

“The Bird” by The Time was a Top 40 Pop and R&B hit in 1984. The edit versions of “The Bird” and “My Drawers” have never been made available on CD.

Prince (1984) Purple Rain 12″

Prince (1984) Purple Rain 12"

The 12″ release of Prince’s “Purple Rain” came pressed on purple vinyl with the full 8:45 album version of “Purple Rain” and the b-side track “God”.

Prince (1984) Let’s Go Crazy 12″

Prince (1984) Let's Go Crazy 12"

Prince’s 2nd 12″ single release from ‘Purple Rain’ features extended versions of “Let’s Go Crazy” & “Erotic City”. Grab your copy of this vinyl rip now…

Art Of Noise (1984) Close-Up UK 12″ #4

Art Of Noise (1984) Close-Up UK 12" #4

The fourth record in the “Close-Up” set contains “Closely Closely (Enough’s Enough)”, “Close-Up (Hop)” and “A Time To Hear (Who’s Listening?)”.

Art Of Noise (1984) Close-Up UK 12″ #1

Art Of Noise (1984) Close-Up UK 12" #1

In 1984 Art of Noise released four 12″ singles with the same title, “Close-Up”, and catalog number. The first record contains “Close-Up” & “Close-Up (Hop)”.

Ashford & Simpson (1984) Solid UK 12″

Ashford & Simpson (1984) Solid UK 12"

This UK 12″ release of Ashford & Simpson’s “Solid” features the “Special Club Mix” by Francois Kevorkian and Ron St. Germain. The b-side contains a dub version and their 1982 Top 10 R&B hit “Street Corner”.

Foreigner (1984) Reaction To Action CAN 12″

Foreigner (1984) Reaction To Action CAN 12"

“Reaction To Action”, written by Lou Gramm and Mick Jones, was remixed by Francois Kevorkian along with Frank Filipetti, Ron Saint Germain and Mick Jones.

Kashif (1984) Ooh Love 12″ Promo

Kashif (1984) Ooh Love 12" Promo

From Kashif’s 1984 sophomore effort entitled ‘Send Me Your Love’, the single “Ooh Love” was the third single released from the album and hit the R&B charts in early 1985.

Dazz Band (1984) Let It All Blow 12″

Dazz Band (1984) Let It All Blow 12"

In 1984, the Dazz Band hit the charts with a different sound in “Let It All Blow”. The Long Version and Instrumental found on this 12″ expands on the sonic goodness of the 5:50 album track.

Jeffrey Osborne (1984) Stay With Me Tonight UK 12″

Jeffrey Osborne (1984) Stay With Me Tonight UK 12"

Jeffrey Osborne’s self-titled debut album of 1982 reached #49 on the Billboard 200 albums chart and #3 on the R&B albums chart. He followed that up with 1983’s ‘Stay With Me Tonight’ which reached #25 on the Billboard 200 albums chart and #3 on the R&B albums chart. The title track “Stay With Me Tonight” was the second single released from the album and we will take a look and listen at the UK 12″ release of that tune from 1984. As per usual with UK 12″ releases, we get goodies that didn’t appear on the US releases. The A side is the US Club Mix that clocks in at 5:43. Over on the B side is a medley of Osborne’s hits titled “The Jeffrey Osborne Soul Mix” and credited to Froggy’s UK Mixes. Also included on this side is a remix of “Plane Love” that is also credited to Froggy. So, who is this Froggy, you might ask? Well, his name is Steven Howlett and on a trip from the UK to the US in the late 70s, he met Larry Levan and visited the Studio 54 and Paradise Garage clubs where he soaked in all the DJ knowledge he could absorb. He returned to the UK and set up a sound system based on what he learned in the US and took it on the road, wowing crowds at Knebworth and at Caister Soul Weekenders. Froggy is also well-known on UK radio and the BBC where he has hosted shows on Radio One and London’s Capital Radio.

Jeffrey Osborne (1984) On The Wings Of Love UK 12″

Jeffrey Osborne (1984) On The Wings Of Love UK 12"

Former LTD member Jeffrey Osborne has always generated a positive response whenever I’ve posted his records in the past. So, when I ran across a couple of UK 12″ releases, I immediately snapped them up. Osborne’s first two albums, “Jeffrey Osborne” and “Stay With Me Tonight”, are still on rotation in my personal playlists, both were produced by the legendary George Duke and still hold up very well today. “On The Wings Of Love” was the second of only 2 charting singles from Osborne’s debut album. This 12″ only contains an album cut of “On The Wings Of Love” but, that isn’t the features of this record. The second song is the track “I’m Beggin'” which is a non-album cut that has never been issued on CD from what I have been able to determine. On the flip side is the US Dub Mix of “Plane Love” as remixed by the famous Paradise Garage DJ Larry Levan (his name is misspelled on the labels). I am fairly certain this cut is vinyl only as well.

Dennis Edwards (1984) Don’t Look Any Further UK 12″

Dennis Edwards (1984) Don't Look Any Further UK 12"

Dennis Edwards joined The Temptations as their lead singer in 1968 following the departure of David Ruffin. Edwards has had a storied on again, off again relationship with the group and following one of his dismissals in 1984, made one of his several attempts at a solo career. The title track of the ‘Don’t Look Any Further’ album of 1984 featured Edwards in a duet with Siedah Garrett that became the most successful single of his solo career. The song was written by Duane Hitchings who has written songs for numerous other artists such as Rod Stewart, Alice Cooper, Kim Carnes and Eddie Money. I am not aware of and did not see a listing on Discogs for a US release of this 12″. So, for those of you who are stateside, this may be a new one for you? Enjoy!

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