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Wa Wa Nee (1986) Sugar Free 12″

Wa Wa Nee (1986) Sugar Free 12"

Wa Wa Nee’s 1986 12″ release of “Sugar Free” features an extended mix and extended dub, remixed by Phil Harding for PWL. It was their only Top 40 hit.

Gregory Abbott (1986) I Got The Feelin’ (It’s Over) 12″

Gregory Abbott (1986) I Got The Feelin' (It's Over) 12"

This 12″ release from Gregory “Shake You Down” Abbott features extended, single and instrumental versions of “I Got The Feelin’ (It’s Over)”.

Rick James (1986) Forever And A Day 12″ Promo

Rick James (1986) Forever And A Day 12" Promo

This promo 12″ from Rick James features 12″ and instrumental versions of “Forever And A Day” from ‘The Flag’ album of 1986.

The Jets (1986) You Got It All UK 12″ Promo

The Jets (1986) You Got It All UK 12" Promo

Here’s a UK promo 12″ from The Jets featuring “You Got It All”, a Mixdoctor megamix by Les Adams and “Heart On The Line” from their self-titled debut album.

The Jets (1986) Private Number 7″

The Jets (1986) Private Number 7"

The 7″ of “Private Number” by The Jets features an edit version of the title track and a non-album b-side, “Look, No Strings”, co-written by Boy George.

Nik Kershaw (1986) Radio Musicola GER 12″

Nik Kershaw (1986) Radio Musicola GER 12"

This German 12″ release from Nik Kershaw features an Extended Mix of “Radio Musicola” that was remixed by Bryan “Chuck” New.

Blake & Hines (1986) Sherry 12″ Promo

Blake & Hines (1986) Sherry 12"

This promo 12″ release from Blake & Hines features 12″, 7″ and Dub versions of their track “Sherry” along with “Movie Queen” from their 1986 self-titled LP.

Charlie Sexton (1986) Beat’s So Lonely 12″

Charlie Sexton (1986) Beat's So Lonely 12"

The 12″ release of Charlie Sexton’s “Beat’s So Lonely” features François Kevorkian and Michael Hutchinson’s Beat The Lonely Monster Mix and Monster Dub.

Chico DeBarge (1986) Talk To Me 12″ Promo

Chico DeBarge (1986) Talk To Me 12" Promo

This 12″ promo of “Talk To Me” from Chico Debarge features a 12″ version remixed by Skip Drinkwater and Paul Fox along with LP and edit versions.

Jeff Lorber (1986) Facts Of Love UK 2×12″

Jeff Lorber (1986) Facts Of Love UK 2x12"

This 1986 double vinyl 12″ of Jeff Lorber’s “Facts Of Love” features Karyn White on vocals with remixes by Victor Flores and Jeff Lorber.

Klymaxx (1986) Man Size Love 12″

Klymaxx (1986) Man Size Love 12"

The “Man Size Love” 12″ from Klymaxx features remixes by Louil Silas, Jr. and Bruce Swedien, along with an instrumental cut.

Peter Gabriel (1986) Big Time 12″

Peter Gabriel (1986) Big Time 12"

Peter Gabriel’s 12″ release of “Big Time” features Tom Lord Alge’s Dance Mix and Jason Corsaro’s Special Mix of “In Your Eyes”.

Full Force (1986) Temporary Love Thing 12″ Promo

Full Force (1986) Temporary Love Thing 12" Promo

“Temporary Love Thing” was the first single from Full Force’s 1986 album ‘Full Force Get Busy 1 Time’. It was a #12 hit on the R&B charts.

The Jets (1986) Private Number 12″

The Jets (1986) Private Number 12"

“Private Number” was The Jets’ third single release and reached #28 on the R&B singles chart in 1986. The remixes on this 12″ were by Louil Silas, Jr.

The Jets (1986) Crush On You 12″

The Jets (1986) Crush On You 12"

“Crush On You” was The Jets’ first Pop Top 40 hit, reaching #3 on the Hot 100. The 12″ releases features remixes by Louil Silas, Jr.

Sheila E. (1986) Love On A Blue Train JAP 7″

Sheila E. (1986) Love On A Blue Train JAP 7"

This vinyl rip of the Japanese 7″ release of Sheila E.’s “Love On A Blue Train” is the only source for the Single Edit version. It was released in 1986.

Prince (1986) Anotherloverholenyohead 12″

Prince (1986) Anotherloverholenyohead 12"

The “Anotherloverholenyohead” 12″ from Prince features the vinyl only extended version on the a-side with the LP Version of “Girls & Boys” on the flip.

Rainy Davis (1986) Sweetheart 12″

Rainy Davis (1986) Sweetheart 12"

“Sweetheart” was written by Rainy Davis and originally submitted for Janet Jackson to use on the ‘Control’ album. This 12″ contains mixes by Tony Humphries.

Timex Social Club (1986) Rumors UK 12″

Timex Social Club (1986) Rumors UK 12"

Very Brief: This UK 12″ release of Timex Social Club’s smash hit “Rumors” is credited to “The Social Club”, omitting the Timex part of the name.  Perhaps legal pressure or threat of it from a famous watchmaker was the cause?  I’m not really sure.  What I am sure of is that this UK release provides […]

Daryl Hall (1986) Foolish Pride 12″

Daryl Hall (1986) Foolish Pride 12"

“Foolish Pride” was written by Daryl Hall and produced by Hall, David A. Stewart and Tom “T-Bone” Wolk. Remix on this 12″ vinyl rip by Shep Pettibone.

Kim Carnes (1986) Divided Hearts 12″ Promo

Kim Carnes (1986) Divided Hearts 12" Promo

The last album Kim Carnes recorded and released on the EMI America Records label was ‘Light House’ in 1986. The only single to chart from the album was “Divided Hearts” and it failed to make the top 40. A promo was issued for club play that featured remixes by Rusty Garner and Paul Sabu whose tagline on all their remix credits is “An Endless Music Mix”.

Howard Jones (1986) Action Replay EP

Howard Jones (1986) Action Replay EP

The ‘Action Replay’ EP from 1986 was released in the US and Canada in support of the single “No One Is To Blame” from the Howard Jones LP ‘Dream Into Action’. The EP contained remixes and tracks that had previously been released only in the UK. In 2011 the UK trumped North America by reissuing the EP on CD. It has never been released in the US on CD.

Midnight Star (1986) Headlines US 12″

Midnight Star (1986) Headlines US 12"

The US 12″ release of Midnight Star’s “Headlines” features an 11:27 Instrumental Dub and an edited Vocal version that clocks in at 4:18.

One Way (1986) Don’t Think About It 7″

One Way (1986) Don't Think About It 7"

“Don’t Think About It” was One Way’s first single off their 9th album entitled ‘IX’. This track was remixed for single release by Louil Silas, Jr.

Robert Palmer (1986) I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On 12″ Promo

Robert Palmer (1986) I Didn't Mean To Turn You On 12" Promo

Robert Palmer’s cover of Cherrelle’s “I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On” is featured on this promo 12″ with remixes by Bruce Forest.

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