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The Other Ones (1987) Holiday 12″

The Other Ones (1987) Holiday 12"

“Holiday” by The Other Ones is featured on this Virgin Records promo 12″ with 12″ and 7″ remixes and the LP version. Remixed by John “Tokes” Potoker.

Mico Wave (1987) Star Search 12″

Mico Wave (1987) Star Search 12"

This 12″ of “Star Search” by Mico Wave features production by Bootsy Collins and remixes by Shep Pettibone. From the album ‘Cookin’ From The Inside Out’.

Roger (1987) I Want To Be Your Man 12″ Promo

Roger (1987) I Want To Be Your Man 12" Promo

This promo 12″ features the Holiday Mix of Roger’s 1987 #1 R&B hit “I Want To Be Your Man” and includes “Please Come Home For Christmas” on the flip side.

Rosie Gaines (1987) Crazy 12″

Rosie Gaines (1987) Crazy 12"

This promo 12″ of “Crazy” was released by Rosie Gaines on Epic Records in 1987. It features Single and Album versions of the track.

Cliff Richard (1987) Some People EUR 12″

Cliff Richard (1987) Some People EUR 12"

Cliff Richard is the third-top-selling artist in UK Singles Chart history. This 1987 European 12″ release features the Extended Version of “Some People”.

Run-D.M.C. (1987) It’s Tricky UK 12″

Run-D.M.C. (1987) It's Tricky UK 12"

This 1987 UK 12″ release from Run-D.M.C. features 4 Shep Pettibone remixes of “It’s Tricky” plus the album cut and “Proud To Be Black”.

Chico DeBarge (1987) I’ve Been Watching You 12″ Promo

Chico DeBarge (1987) I've Been Watching You 12" Promo

Brownmark wrote, produced and arranged “I’ve Been Watching You” for Chico Debarge in 1987. The 12″ release features extended and dub versions.

Brenda K. Starr (1987) Breakfast In Bed 12″

Brenda K. Starr (1987) Breakfast In Bed 12"

Brenda K. Starr’s 1987 12″ release of “Breakfast In Bed” features two extended versions plus bonus beats. Remixed by Steve Peck.

Rebbie Jackson (1987) Plaything 12″

Rebbie Jackson (1987) Plaything 12"

This 1987 12″ release of Rebbie Jackson’s “Plaything” was produced and remixed by David “Pic” Conley. It was one of Rebbie’s two career Top 10 R&B hits.

John Waite (1987) These Times Are Hard For Lovers 12″

John Waite (1987) These Times Are Hard For Lovers 12"

The 12″ release of John Waite’s “These Times Are Hard For Lovers” features remixes by John “Jellybean” Benitez” and Rusty Garner.

Lisa Lisa And Cult Jam (1987) Head To Toe 12″

Lisa Lisa And Cult Jam (1987) Head To Toe 12"

Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam’s “Head To Toe” swept the top spots on Billboard’s Pop, R&B and Dance charts in 1987. It was written and produced by Full Force.

The Jets (1987) I Do You 12″ Promo

The Jets (1987) I Do You 12" Promo

“I Do You” by The Jets reached the Top 20 at pop and R&B in 1987. Louil Silas, Jr. remixed the tracks featured on this promo 12″ release.

Greg Kihn Band (1987) Jeopardy UK 7″

Greg Kihn Band (1987) Jeopardy UK 7"

This 7″ vinyl rip comes from Greg Kihn Band’s 1987 UK release of “Jeopardy” featuring the Fun Mix on side A and “Roadrunner” on side B.

The Archies (1987) Sugar, Sugar UK 12″

The Archies (1987) Sugar, Sugar UK 12"

The Archies’ “Sugar, Sugar” (Candyfloss Mix) charted on the UK Pop Charts for one week on 8/16/87 where it debuted at #91 only to disappear the next week.

Lou Gramm (1987) Midnight Blue GER 12″

Lou Gramm (1987) Midnight Blue GER 12"

“Midnight Blue” is Lou Gramm’s most successful solo single, hitting #5 on the Hot 100 and #1 on the Hot Album Rock Tracks chart for 5 weeks. This German 12″ came pressed on midnight blue vinyl and is labeled as an “extended remix”.

Richard Marx (1987) Don’t Mean Nothing EUR 12″

Richard Marx (1987) Don't Mean Nothing HOL 12"

“Don’t Mean Nothing” by Richard Marx was a #1 Rock and a #3 Pop hit in 1987. This European 12″ features an extended mix remixed by David Cole of C +C Music Factory.

Tonio K (1987) I’m Supposed To Have Sex With You 12″ Promo

Tonio K (1987) I'm Supposed To Have Sex With You 12" Promo

“I’m Supposed To Have Sex With You” appeared on the soundtrack of Mark Harmon’s 1987 movie Summer School. It was Tonio K’s only entry on the Dance charts.

Heatwave (1987) Mixed Masters 12″

Heatwave (1987) Mixed Masters 12"

A Mixed Masters release featuring Heatwave’s “Boogie Nights” and “The Groove Line”. Both singles reached Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1977 and 1978.

Various (1987) Yulesville LP

Various (1987) Yulesville

‘Yulesville’ features radio IDs & Christmas songs by various artists with some tracks exclusive to this LP. Plus, Prince’s “Another Lonely Christmas”.

M/A/R/R/S (1987) Pump Up The Volume 12″

M/A/R/R/S (1987) Pump Up The Volume 12"

“Pump Up The Volume” by M/A/R/R/S was a #1 dance hit in the US and a #1 pop hit in the UK. It’s their only release ever made commercially available.

Will To Power (1987) Dreamin’ 12″

Will To Power (1987) Dreamin' 12"

Will To Power’s “Dreamin'” was #1 on Billboard’s Hot Dance 12-Inch Singles Sales chart the weeks of September 19-26, 1987 and reached #15 on Club Play. The mixes on this 12″ were by Steve Peck who is credited on Prince’s “Glam Slam 12” along with 12 inchers by Jesse Johnson and St. Paul.

Ray Parker Jr (1987) I Don’t Think That Man Should Sleep Alone 12″ Promo

Ray Parker Jr (1987) I Don't Think That Man Should Sleep Alone 12" Promo

Ray Parker, Jr. recorded and co-wrote his first songs at the age of 16 with Marvin Gaye. By the time he was 20, he had co-written the #1 R&B song “You Got The Love” with Chaka Khan. Parker would go on to have several chart toppers of his own with his group Raydio and as a solo artist. By 1987, Ray’s popularity was waning but, he did produce a top 5 R&B hit with “I Don’t Think That Man Should Sleep Alone” from his ‘After Dark’ album. Parker has remained active in music and acting over the years. The last full length album he put together was ‘I’m Free’ in 2006. One of the tracks on that album was “Sunset Ray”. If you are a fan of the smooth jazz genre, seek out ‘I’m Free’, it’s well worth it for “Sunset Ray” by itself.

Shalamar (1987) Circumstantial Evidence 12″

Shalamar (1987) Circumstantial Evidence 12"

This vinyl rip of Shalamar’s 1987 12″ release “Circumstantial Evidence” features a 9:20 Special Dub 4 The Club along with the LP edit and Instrumental.

One Way (1987) You Better Quit 7″

One Way (1987) You Better Quit 7"

This is a 7″ vinyl rip of the second single from One Way’s 1986 album, entitled ‘IX’, featuring “You Better Quit” and backed with “Oh Girl”.

Imagination (1987) Instinctual UK 7″

Imagination (1987) Instinctual UK 7"

“Instinctual” was Imagination’s last to chart in the US, and it topped the Dance chart, while sadly not crossing to R&B, and only getting to #62 in Britain.

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