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Mac Band (1988) Roses Are Red 12″

Mac Band (1988) Roses Are Red 12"

L.A. & Babyface wrote and produced the #1 R&B track “Roses Are Red” for the Mac Band in 1988. This 12″ features a remix and instrumental by Louil Silas, Jr.

Steve Earle (1988) Copperhead Road 12″ Promo

Steve Earle (1988) Copperhead Road 12" Promo

This 12″ promo of Steve Earle’s “Copperhead Road” features the album version and an edited version of Earle’s Top 10 Album Rock Tracks hit of 1988.

Tyka Nelson (1988) L.O.V.E. 12″ Promo

Tyka Nelson (1988) L.O.V.E. 12" Promo

Tyka Nelson’s 12″ promo for “L.O.V.E.” was co-written by Tyka and produced by David Z. with Ricky Peterson. Shep Pettibone provided the remixes.

Pieces Of A Dream (1988) Ain’t My Love Enough 12″

Pieces Of A Dream (1988) Ain't My Love Enough 12"

The commercial 12″ release of Pieces of a Dream’s “Ain’t My Love Enough” features a 12″ Version, 12″ & 7″ Edits, Instrumental and the LP Version.

Pieces Of A Dream (1988) Ain’t My Love Enough 12″ Promo

Pieces Of A Dream (1988) Ain't My Love Enough 12" Promo

Pieces of a Dream’s promo 12″ release of “Ain’t My Love Enough” features remixes by Steve Beltran & Keith Cohen. Additional keyboards by Jeff Lorber.

Guy (1988) Round And Round (Merry Go ‘Round Of Love) 12″

Guy (1988) Round And Round (Merry Go 'Round Of Love) 12"

Here’s the 12″ release of Guy’s “Round And Round (Merry Go ‘Round Of Love)”. It features a 12″ Extended and a Dub Version, both remixed by Timmy Regisford.

Living Colour (1988) Glamour Boys UK 12″

Living Colour (1988) Glamour Boys UK 12"

Living Colour’s UK 12″ of “Glamour Boys” features Ed Stasium’s remix, a live “Cult Of Personality” and a cover of Talking Heads’ “Memories Can’t Wait”.

Living Colour (1988) Funny Vibe 12″

Living Colour (1988) Funny Vibe 12"

The 1988 12″ release of Living Colour’s “Funny Vibe” features remixes by Prince Paul and Bobby Simmons with rapping by Daddy-O.

Living Colour (1988) Cult Of Personality 12″ Promo

Living Colour (1988) Cult Of Personality 12" Promo

This promo 12″ from Living Colour features the Top 20 pop hit “Cult Of Personality” and 4 live tracks recorded at T.T. Bears in Cambridge, MA on 7/22/88.

Was (Not Was) (1988) Walk The Dinosaur 12″

Was (Not Was) (1988) Walk The Dinosaur 12"

Was (Not Was) scored a Top 10 pop hit with “Walk The Dinosaur” in 1989. The 12″ features mixes by Bruce Forest, Don Was and Jaime Muhoberac.

Johnny Kemp (1988) Just Got Paid 12″

Johnny Kemp (1988) Just Got Paid 12"

“Just Got Paid” by Johnny Kemp was a #1 R&B and Dance hit in 1988. The 12″ release features mixes by Kemp and Teddy Riley. Executive producer was Kashif.

Samantha Fox (1988) I Wanna Have Some Fun 12″ Promo

Samantha Fox (1988) I Wanna Have Some Fun 12" Promo

Full Force wrote and produced Samantha Fox’s 1988 release “I Wanna Have Some Fun”. The 12″ features remixes by Full Force and Tony Maserati.

Natalie Cole (1988) Pink Cadillac 12″ Promo

Natalie Cole (1988) Pink Cadillac 12"

Natalie Cole’s 1988 12″ promo release of “Pink Cadillac” features remixes by David Cole & Robert Clivilles and a 12″ version of “I Wanna Be That Woman”.

James Brown (1988) I’m Real 12″

James Brown (1988) I'm Real 12"

The 12″ release of James Brown’s “I’m Real” features production and remix by Full Force. The single was a #2 hit on Billboard’s R&B chart in 1988.

New Edition (1988) You’re Not My Kind Of Girl 12″

New Edition (1988) You're Not My Kind Of Girl 12"

New Edition’s “You’re Not My Kind Of Girl” was a #3 R&B hit in 1988. It was written and produced by Jam and Lewis and remixed by Louil Silas, Jr.

Bobby Brown (1988) Don’t Be Cruel 12″

Bobby Brown (1988) Don't Be Cruel 12"

Bobby Brown’s “Don’t Be Cruel” was the second in a string of 6 number one hits from 1986-1992 and topped the R&B singles chart for 2 weeks.

The Jets (1988) Sendin’ All My Love 12″

The Jets (1988) Sendin' All My Love 12"

The final single from The Jets’ ‘Magic’ LP was “Sendin’ All My Love”. Justin Strauss’ remix landed it on top of Billboard’s Hot Dance/Disco chart 10/1/88.

The Jets (1988) Rocket 2 U 12″

The Jets (1988) Rocket 2 U 12"

The Jets’ third single from ‘Magic’ was “Rocket 2 U”, it reached the Top 10 on the pop, R&B and dance charts. Thompson & Barbiero provided the 12″ remixes.

Dorothy (1988) Still Waiting UK 7″

Dorothy (1988) Still Waiting UK 7"

Dorothy’s cover of Prince’s “Still Waiting” has a reggae-ish vibe while being pretty faithful to the original. It was only released in the UK and Europe.

Prince (1988) I Wish U Heaven 12″

Prince (1988) I Wish U Heaven 12"

“I Wish U Heaven” was the final single from ‘Lovesexy’. The 12″ “Part 1, 2 & 3” version was 10:Something long and b/w the full version of “Scarlet Pussy”.

Prince (1988) Alphabet St. 12″

Prince (1988) Alphabet St. 12"

“Alphabet St.” was the first single from Prince’s ‘Lovesexy’ LP and a Top 10 hit in 1988. The b-side is “Alphabet St. (This is not music, this is a trip)”.

Dazz Band (1988) Single Girls 12″

Dazz Band (1988) Single Girls 12"

“Single Girls” was the second single released from ‘Rock The Room’ and became the Dazz Band’s last Top 20 hit on the R&B charts. This 12″ release features remixes by Keith Cohen and Steve Beltran.

R.E.M. (1988) Finest Worksong UK 12″

R.E.M. (1988) Finest Worksong UK 12"

R.E.M.’s “Finest Worksong” was remixed into the Lengthy Club Mix by Michael Stipe and Scott Litt on this UK 12″ released in 1988.

Karyn White (1988) Secret Rendezvous 12″ Promo

Karyn White (1988) Secret Rendezvous 12" Promo

“Secret Rendezvous” was the fourth single from Karyn White’s 1988 debut LP. It was her only single that topped the Billboard Dance Charts.

Lita Ford (1988) Back To The Cave 7″ Promo

Lita Ford (1988) Back To The Cave 7" Promo

This promo 7″ of “Back To The Cave” by Lita Ford was issued to radio with more “pop” friendly mixes by David Thoener. It came from the “Lita” album of 1988.

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