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Tyka Nelson (1988) L.O.V.E. 12″ Promo

Tyka Nelson (1988) L.O.V.E. 12" Promo

Tyka Nelson’s 12″ promo for “L.O.V.E.” was co-written by Tyka and produced by David Z. with Ricky Peterson. Shep Pettibone provided the remixes.

Timex Social Club (1986) Rumors UK 12″

Timex Social Club (1986) Rumors UK 12"

Very Brief: This UK 12″ release of Timex Social Club’s smash hit “Rumors” is credited to “The Social Club”, omitting the Timex part of the name.  Perhaps legal pressure or threat of it from a famous watchmaker was the cause?  I’m not really sure.  What I am sure of is that this UK release provides […]

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