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Sade (1987) Paradise 12″

Sade (1987) Paradise 12"

A – Paradise (Extended Mix) (05:28)
B1 – Super Bien Total (Extended Mix) (06:52)
B2 – Paradise (Extra Beats) (02:05)

Sade (1983) Your Love Is King 12″

Sade (1983) Your Love Is King 12"

A – Your Love Is King (03:58)
B1 – Smooth Operator/Snake Bite (07:28)
B2 – Love Affair With Life (04:36)

Wa Wa Nee (1986) Sugar Free 12″

Wa Wa Nee (1986) Sugar Free 12"

Wa Wa Nee’s 1986 12″ release of “Sugar Free” features an extended mix and extended dub, remixed by Phil Harding for PWL. It was their only Top 40 hit.

Teena Marie (1988) Surrealistic Pillow 12″ Promo

Teena Marie (1988) Surrealistic Pillow 12" Promo

Teena Marie’s “Surrealistic Pillow” 12″ features 2 remixes, an instrumental and bonus beats mixed by Bobby Brooks. Rapper Cheba is featured on the track.

Rosie Gaines (1987) Crazy 12″

Rosie Gaines (1987) Crazy 12"

This promo 12″ of “Crazy” was released by Rosie Gaines on Epic Records in 1987. It features Single and Album versions of the track.

General Public (1994) I’ll Take You There 12″

General Public (1994) I'll Take You There 12"

General Public’s cover of the Staple Singers’ 1972 #1 song “I’ll Take You There” was a #1 Dance hit in 1994. This 12″ features remixes by Satoshi Tomiie.

Living Colour (1988) Glamour Boys UK 12″

Living Colour (1988) Glamour Boys UK 12"

Living Colour’s UK 12″ of “Glamour Boys” features Ed Stasium’s remix, a live “Cult Of Personality” and a cover of Talking Heads’ “Memories Can’t Wait”.

Living Colour (1988) Funny Vibe 12″

Living Colour (1988) Funny Vibe 12"

The 1988 12″ release of Living Colour’s “Funny Vibe” features remixes by Prince Paul and Bobby Simmons with rapping by Daddy-O.

Living Colour (1988) Cult Of Personality 12″ Promo

Living Colour (1988) Cult Of Personality 12" Promo

This promo 12″ from Living Colour features the Top 20 pop hit “Cult Of Personality” and 4 live tracks recorded at T.T. Bears in Cambridge, MA on 7/22/88.

Culture Club (1982) I’m Afraid Of Me 12″

Culture Club (1982) I'm Afraid Of Me 12"

In the US, “I’m Afraid Of Me” was only released on 12″ with an Extended Dance Mix and a non-album b-side, “Murder Rap Trap (Featuring Captain Crucial)”.

Culture Club (1982) Do You Really Want To Hurt Me 12″ Promo

Culture Club (1982) Do You Really Want To Hurt Me 12" Promo

The a-side of Culture Club’s “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me” 12″ is comprised of 2 previously separate tracks mixed together by Steve Levine & Jon Moss.

Wet Willie (1979) Weekend 7″

Wet Willie (1979) Weekend 7"

This 7″ vinyl rip features an edited version of Wet Willie’s “Weekend” from 1979. Wet Willie reached #29 with “Weekend”, it was their last Top 40 hit.

Heatwave (1987) Mixed Masters 12″

Heatwave (1987) Mixed Masters 12"

A Mixed Masters release featuring Heatwave’s “Boogie Nights” and “The Groove Line”. Both singles reached Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1977 and 1978.

Will To Power (1990) Boogie Nights 12″

Will To Power (1990) Boogie Nights 12"

Will To Power’s first two albums were released in 1988 and 1990. They came back and released a third album in 2005. The second album, “Journey Home” tried to catch the lightning in a bottle that was “Baby, I Love Your Way/Freebird Medley” for a second time. The first two singles released from the album were cover versions of previous hit songs by 10cc and Heatwave. The cover of 10cc’s “I’m Not In Love” actually did well, reaching #7 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1990. But, after that, the bottom fell out of their commercial success. The follow up single, their cover of Heatwave’s “Boogie Nights”, failed to even crack the Hot 100. As a matter of fact, none of their following singles did. The last charting hit they had was “Fly Bird” which reached #60 in The Netherlands in 1991. A little over a year ago, Raulito requested a post of this 12″ which features remixes by Justin Strauss and Hugo Dwyer. Raulito, if you’re still checking in, your patience has been rewarded, enjoy!

Will To Power (1987) Dreamin’ 12″

Will To Power (1987) Dreamin' 12"

Will To Power’s “Dreamin'” was #1 on Billboard’s Hot Dance 12-Inch Singles Sales chart the weeks of September 19-26, 1987 and reached #15 on Club Play. The mixes on this 12″ were by Steve Peck who is credited on Prince’s “Glam Slam 12” along with 12 inchers by Jesse Johnson and St. Paul.

The Cover Girls (1992) Wishing On A Star 12″

The Cover Girls (1992) Wishing On A Star 12"

A tune written by the late Billie Rae Calvin that was originally recorded and released as a single by Rose Royce in 1978. The Rose Royce version did not crack the Hot 100 in the US but, reached #3 on the UK pop charts. On their third LP, ‘Here It Is’, The Cover Girls recorded the song and released it as a single that surpassed the original version in chart success. This time around, it was more successful in the US than the UK, going Top 10 in the US and Top 40 in the UK.

Wet Willie (1979) Weekend 12″ Promo

Wet Willie (1979) Weekend 12" Promo

OK so, it seems that most of the records I posted this week were not familiar to me until recently. This one is certainly no exception. Now, I have known and loved Wet Willie’s “Weekend” since it was released in 1979. I also own a 7″ single of this song, that I have had since 1979. For years and years I never knew any other version existed besides the 3:40 single edit. Years later I discovered the album version which clocks in at 5:59. But, it wasn’t until last year, when looking through Discogs that I discovered that a Disco version existed! So, of course, I sought a copy and ordered it so that I could share it with you guys (you know, I’ve ordered a lot of records lately… there’s a tip jar up there but, I digress…). How many of you already knew about this record and had heard it before? Am I just out of touch?

Michael Jackson (1987) The Way You Make Me Feel 12″ (Mixed Masters)

Michael Jackson (1987) The Way You Make Me Feel 12" (Mixed Masters)

Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel” was the third single from the ‘Bad’ album. It spent 1 week atop Billboard’s Hot 100 and 4 weeks atop Billboard’s Hot Black Singles charts in late 1987.

After The Fire (1982) Der Kommissar 12″ Promo

After The Fire (1982) Der Kommissar 12" Promo

She was singin’, Don’t turn around, uh-oh, Der Kommissar’s in town, uh-oh, You’re in his eye, And you’ll know why, The more you live, The faster you will die. Alles klar, Herr Kommissar.

Sarai (2003) Ladies (Jason Nevins Remixes) 12″ Promo

Sarai (2003) Ladies 12" Promo

Ladies, hands up, Let me see you shake your stuff, A-B-C and D cups, Little bitty to big ol’ butts, Fellas, hands high, Let me see you work it out one time, Put your body a-gainst mine, Come on baby, griiiiiiind.

Luther Vandross (1988) She Won’t Talk To Me 12″

Luther Vandross (1988) She Won't Talk To Me 12"

I said girl (What cha gonna do?) Wanna show you a love that you just gotta see, (I just wanna talk to you) But she won`t talk to me.

And I’m going crazy, Trying to make her notice me, I go up, I get down, I turn all around, She won’t talk to me, she won’t talk to me.

Luther Vandross (1985) ‘Till My Baby Comes Home 12″

Luther Vandross (1985) 'Till My Baby Comes Home 12"

No matter where my baby is, she never leaves me without love, She gives it up till I get enough, then I’m alright, ‘Til my baby comes home, if she stays away for long, she calls me on the phone, I jump up when I hear her voice, then I’m alright, ‘Til my baby comes home.

Mtume (1984) You, Me And He 12″

Mtume (1984) You, Me And He 12"

You, me and he, What we gonna do, baby, You, me and he, What we gonna do, baby.
Songs Taken From The Epic Lp: “Prime Time”
Written-By, Producer – James Mtume

Joi – I Need A Prince 7″ Promo and 12”

Joi - I Need A Prince 12”

7″: A I Need A Prince (Radio Edit) 3:58 B I Need A Prince (Radio Edit) 3:58 Label: Epic Records Catalog#: 34-06582 Format: Vinyl, 7″, 45 RPM Country: US Released: 1986 12″: A I Need A Prince (Extended Radio Mix) 5:15 I Need A Prince (Radio Edit) 4:11 B I Need A Prince (Club Mix) […]

Candyman – Knockin’ Boots 12″

Candyman - Knockin' Boots 12"

From Candyman’s debut LP ‘Ain’t No Shame In My Game’, “Knockin’ Boots” was #1 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Music 12-Inch Singles Sales chart for the week ending November 24, 1990.

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