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Sheena Easton (1989) No Deposit, No Return 12″ Promo

Sheena Easton (1989) No Deposit, No Return 12" Promo

A – No Deposit, No Return (Extended Version) (07:46) | B1 – No Deposit, No Return (Radio Edit) (04:48) | B2 – No Deposit, No Return (Instrumental) (05:25) | B3 – No Deposit, No Return (Dub) (06:31) | B4 – No Deposit, No Return (Cussapella) (03:14)

Alexander O’Neal (1989) Hearsay ’89 EUR 12″

Alexander O'Neal (1989) Hearsay '89 EUR 12"

“Hearsay”, the title track of Alexander O’Neal’s 1987 LP, was remixed in 1989 by Keith Cohen with Greg ‘Ski’ Royal’ and additional keyboards by Jeff Lorber.

Prince (1992) My Name Is Prince 12″

Prince (1992) My Name Is Prince 12"

The “My Name Is Prince” 12″ featured the 12″ Club Mix, House Mix, Original Mix Edit and Hard Core 12″ Mix plus the “Sexy M.F. (12″ Mix)”.

Karyn White (1988) Secret Rendezvous 12″ Promo

Karyn White (1988) Secret Rendezvous 12" Promo

“Secret Rendezvous” was the fourth single from Karyn White’s 1988 debut LP. It was her only single that topped the Billboard Dance Charts.

Mazarati (1989) The Saga Of A Man 12″

Mazarati (1989) The Saga Of A Man 12"

The legend of Mazarati usually begins and ends with their “participation” in the development of Prince’s #1 smash hit “Kiss”. Prince gave producer Brownmark and the band a bluesy little demo that the band took and reworked into a hot, funky jam. After hearing what the band had done with the track, Prince took it back, added some guitar and vocals while keeping Mazarati’s background vocals intact. During the band’s time on Paisley Park Records, they released one LP and several singles. For the next LP they signed with Motown Records and brought Brownmark back in to produce along with Bernadette Cooper from Klymaxx. The result was, unfortunately, a very forgettable album that spawned 2 singles that didn’t chart on any major US singles charts. Today you have the opportunity to take a listen to the first single, “The Saga Of A Man”, in the 12″ format.

Paula Abdul (1988) Forever Your Girl 12″

Paula Abdul (1988) Forever Your Girl 12''

Just remember I’m forever your girl, He could promise the world, You gotta remember, I’m forever your girl.

I’m forever your baby, Just remember I’m forever your girl, He could promise the world, You gotta remember I’m forever your girl.

Bobby Brown (1988) My Prerogative 12″

Bobby Brown (1988) My Prerogative 12"

Everybody’s talking all this stuff about me, Why don’t they just let me live? Tell me why I don’t need commission, Make my own decisions, That’s my prerogative, It’s my prerogative.

Luther Vandross (1988) She Won’t Talk To Me 12″

Luther Vandross (1988) She Won't Talk To Me 12"

I said girl (What cha gonna do?) Wanna show you a love that you just gotta see, (I just wanna talk to you) But she won`t talk to me.

And I’m going crazy, Trying to make her notice me, I go up, I get down, I turn all around, She won’t talk to me, she won’t talk to me.

Soul II Soul (1989) Jazzie’s Groove 12″

Soul II Soul (1989) Jazzie's Groove 12"

“Jazzie’s Groove” by Soul II Soul is mostly spoken word over a nice mellow funky groove that tells where the group came from and where they are going.

Johnny Kemp – Birthday Suit 12″

Johnny Kemp - Birthday Suit 12"

“Birthday Suit” by Johnny Kemp is from the soundtrack to the 1989 motion picture ‘Sing!’. The remixes on this 12” release were done by Keith “KC” Cohen.

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