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Vanity (1984) Pretty Mess GER 12″

Vanity (1984) Pretty Mess GER 12"

This 12″ vinyl rip of “Pretty Mess” by Vanity features extended & instrumental tracks that are vinyl-only. It was Vanity’s first solo Top 20 R&B hit.

Martika (1992) Spirit UK 12″ Promo

Martika (1992) Spirit UK 12" Promo

The third of three singles released from ‘Martika’s Kitchen’ that featured involvement from Prince is “Spirit”. It was a promo only release in the UK with one remix per side. It is our second spotting of D-Mob’s Dancin’ Danny D this month as a remixer. Since it only contained remixes for club play, there was no chart action for “Spirit”.

Mica Paris (1991) If I Love U 2 Nite UK 12″

Mica Paris (1991) If I Love U 2 Nite UK 12"

Here we have another UK 12″ of “If I Love U 2 Nite” which features a Club Mix by Nellee Hooper.

Martika (1991) Martika’s Kitchen NL 12″

Martika (1991) Martika's Kitchen NL 12"

The second of 3 Prince-penned singles released from ‘Martika’s Kitchen’ did not fare as well as its predecessor. The title track from the album spent only 2 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US. It did do a little better in the UK reaching #17 and in Australia getting to #29. The highlight of this 12″ is the Prince mix of “Love… Thy Will Be Done”. The lowlight is Tony M. rapping on the Alt. Dub Version 😉

Mica Paris (1991) If I Love U 2 Nite UK 12″

Mica Paris (1991) If I Love U 2 Nite UK 12" (Rub U 2 Nite)

Mica Paris released her debut album at the tender age of 19 in 1988. While working on her 1991 follow up album, she recorded Prince’s composition “If I Love U 2 Nite”. Prince originally wrote and recorded the song back in 1979 but, it was never officially released by anyone until Mica included it on her ‘Contribution’ LP. Later Prince would re-record the song with Mayte and that recording was included on the ‘1-800-NEW-FUNK’ album in 1994 and on Mayte’s ‘Child Of The Sun’ album in 1995. This 12″ includes 2 remixes by Nellee Hooper who was in high demand from his recent work with Soul II Soul.

Martika (1991) Love… Thy Will Be Done EUR 12″

Martika (1991) Love... Thy Will Be Done EUR 12"

When recording her second album, ‘Martika’s Kitchen’, Martika enlisted the aide of Prince who produced four of the 12 tracks on the album. The most successful of those tracks was “Love… Thy Will Be Done” which garnered Martika a Top 10 pop hit in the US & UK and a #1 in Australia. This 12″ provides the 7″ Edit version and two album cuts on the flipside. The track “Temptation” was covered later in 1991 by Patti LaBelle on her ‘Burnin’ album. We’ll take a look at some more Martika records next week, have a great weekend everyone!

Bobby Z (1990) Lie By Lie 12″ Promo

Bobby Z (1990) Lie By Lie 12" Promo

After over 8 years behind the drum kit for Prince, Bobby Z struck out on his own once The Revolution disbanded in 1986. Bobby Z, a musician since the age of 6, spent time writing and producing as he worked with Wendy & Lisa, Boy George, Aswad and Guesch Patti. In 1989 he released a self-titled album that he produced with some assistance from his brother David Z and Oliver Lieber. Two singles from the album were released, “You Are Everything” and “Lie By Lie”. Neither made any noise on the US Billboard charts. The album also includes Bobby’s solo version of “River Runs Dry” that was on “The Family” LP in 1985.

Wendy & Lisa (1990) Rainbow Lake UK 12″

Wendy & Lisa (1990) Rainbow Lake UK 12"

The UK 12″ release of Wendy & Lisa’s “Rainbow Lake” features the 12″ Mix as remixed by The Psychedelic Tee-Pees. The single reached #70 in the UK.

The Time (1990) Jerk Out 12″

The Time (1990) Jerk Out 12"

“Jerk Out” by The Time features remixes on this 12″ by Steve Hodge with additional remix by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. It was a #1 R&B hit single in 1990.

Tevin Campbell (1990) Round And Round UK 12″

Tevin Campbell (1990) Round And Round UK 12"

Tevin Campbell’s “Round and Round” was written by Prince and appeared on the ‘Graffiti Bridge’ album. The remixes on this UK 12″ are by Junior Vasquez.

Mazarati (1989) The Woman Thang 12″ Promo

Mazarati (1989) The Woman Thang 12" Promo

Post-Mazarati… band members Tony Christian and Marv Gunn formed The Wild Pair. The Wild Pair dueted with Paula Abdul on “Opposites Attract” and were credited as MC Skat Kat in the music video. They also provided background vocals on “Forever Your Girl” and “(It’s Just) The Way That You Love Me.”

Brownmark (1989) Luv Touch 12″ Promo

Brownmark (1989) Luv Touch 12" Promo

Brownmark kept himself busy for several years after departing The Revolution. He completed and released two solo albums and produced numerous artists including Mazarati, Chico DeBarge, Teen Dream, Lakeside, Stacy Lattisaw and Troop. Today’s 12″ is the second of three singles released from his second solo LP ‘Good Feeling’.

Mazarati (1989) The Saga Of A Man 12″

Mazarati (1989) The Saga Of A Man 12"

The legend of Mazarati usually begins and ends with their “participation” in the development of Prince’s #1 smash hit “Kiss”. Prince gave producer Brownmark and the band a bluesy little demo that the band took and reworked into a hot, funky jam. After hearing what the band had done with the track, Prince took it back, added some guitar and vocals while keeping Mazarati’s background vocals intact. During the band’s time on Paisley Park Records, they released one LP and several singles. For the next LP they signed with Motown Records and brought Brownmark back in to produce along with Bernadette Cooper from Klymaxx. The result was, unfortunately, a very forgettable album that spawned 2 singles that didn’t chart on any major US singles charts. Today you have the opportunity to take a listen to the first single, “The Saga Of A Man”, in the 12″ format.

Brownmark (1989) Bang Bang UK 7″

Brownmark (1989) Bang Bang UK 7"

As with Wendy & Lisa’s “Lolly Lolly” last week, Brownmark, a former member of The Revolution, was able to get some support from Prince in 1989. “Bang Bang” is a single from Brownmark’s second solo effort ‘Good Feeling’. Prince contributed background vocals while Levi Seacer, Jr. wrote and produced the track.

Wendy & Lisa (1989) Lolly Lolly UK 12″

Wendy & Lisa (1989) Lolly Lolly UK 12"

From the ‘Fruit At The Bottom’ album, the “Lolly Lolly” UK 12″ features Prince’s “According To Prince” mix and Steve Beltran’s “Random Dance Mix”.

Sheena Easton (1989) 101 UK 7″

Sheena Easton (1989) 101 UK 7"

Here’s a little companion piece to the 12″ promo of “101” that was posted here in 2011. The A-Side is the album version from ‘The Lover In Me’ LP and on the flip is an Instrumental of “101” that wasn’t on the promo.

Cat (1989) Catwoman UK 7″

Cat (1989) Catwoman UK 7"

This 7″ single from the UK comes from former NPG member Cat Glover. “Catwoman” was originally intended for her ‘I Am Energy’ album that was never released.

Wendy & Lisa (1988) Sideshow UK 12″

Wendy & Lisa (1988) Sideshow UK 12"

“Sideshow” was released as a single from Wendy & Lisa’s self-titled debut album. This UK 12″ features the Extended Version remixed by Wendy & Lisa.

Sheila E (1986) The Glamorous Club -Dance EP- JAP 12″

Sheila E (1986) The Glamorous Club -Dance EP- JAP 12"

This is a vinyl rip of ‘The Glamorous Club’ EP from Sheila E. It was released only in Japan on CD, vinyl and cassette. It features 4 full-length tracks.

Andre Cymone (1985) The Dance Electric 7″ & 12″

Andre Cymone (1985) The Dance Electric

Andre Cymone’s 1985 Top 10 R&B hit “The Dance Electric” is a song written by long-time friend Prince. These vinyl rips include the Long and Edit versions.

The Time (1984) Jungle Love GER 12″

The Time (1984) Jungle Love GER 12"

“Jungle Love” was The Time’s best selling single from the ‘Ice Cream Castle’ LP. The b-side track, “Tricky”, has never been released on CD.

The Time (1981) Cool UK 12″

The Time (1981) Cool UK 12"

“Cool” was the second single from The Time’s eponymous first album in 1981. This vinyl rip of a UK 12″ features LP versions of “Cool” & “After Hi School”.

Prince (1997) Somebody’s Somebody 12″ Promo

Prince (1997) Somebody's Somebody 12" Promo

Prince’s “Somebody’s Somebody” was the 2nd single from ‘Emancipation’. It was a promo only issue in the US and paired with “The Holy River” in the UK..

Prince (1997) Face Down 12″ Promo

Prince (1997) Face Down 12" Promo

‘Emancipation’ was the first album from Prince after his WB Records contract ended. The single “Face Down” was a promo only release from the album.

Prince (1992) 51 Hours (with Diamond And Pearl) 12″ Promo

Prince (1992) 51 Hours (with Diamond And Pearl) 12" Promo

A very small amount of Prince’s “51 Hours” 12″ records were pressed and it remains officially unreleased. You can listen to a vinyl rip at Fun With Vinyl.

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