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Prince (1989) The Scandalous Sex Suite 12″

Prince (1989) The Scandalous Sex Suite 12"

“The Scandalous Sex Suite featuring Kim Basinger” is comprised of 3 sections: “The Crime”, “The Passion” and “The Rapture”, a continuous 19:20 mix.

Prince (1990) Thieves In The Temple 12″

Prince (1990) Thieves In The Temple 12"

“Thieves in the Temple”, was Prince’s lead single from the ‘Graffiti Bridge’ soundtrack, it topped the R&B charts and reached the Top 10 on the Hot 100.

Ingrid Chavez (1991) Hippy Blood 12″

Ingrid Chavez (1991) Hippy Blood 12"

Hippy Blood was the second and final commercial single released from Ingrid Chavez’s first album ‘May 19 1992’, and was released six months after the album.

George Clinton – Tweakin’ 12″

George Clinton - Tweakin' 12"

George Clinton’s Paisley Park Records 12″ release of “Tweakin'” features remixes by Paisley Park, Prince Paul the Disciple and Donald Newkirk.

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