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Living Colour (1988) Funny Vibe 12″

Living Colour (1988) Funny Vibe 12"

The 1988 12″ release of Living Colour’s “Funny Vibe” features remixes by Prince Paul and Bobby Simmons with rapping by Daddy-O.

Imani Coppola (1997) Legend Of A Cowgirl 12″

Imani Coppola (1997) Legend Of A Cowgirl 12"

“Legend Of A Cowgirl” earned Imani Coppola her only Top 40 hit. This 12″ vinyl rip features mixes from Prince Paul, Michael Mangini & Skoti Alain Elliott.

Fine Young Cannibals (1989) Good Thing 12″

Fine Young Cannibals (1989) Good Thing 12"

Despite the eventual success of ‘Good Thing’, it took a while for it to grab the attention of the record-buying public. It reached the top ten in the official U.K. singles chart in the summer of 1989 after its release in April of that year. On July 8, 1989 it reached the Top of the Billboard Hot 100. FYC also saw “Good Thing” reach the Top 20 on the US Dance charts.

George Clinton – Tweakin’ 12″

George Clinton - Tweakin' 12"

George Clinton’s Paisley Park Records 12″ release of “Tweakin'” features remixes by Paisley Park, Prince Paul the Disciple and Donald Newkirk.

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