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Mavis Staples (1993) The Voice FR 12″ Promo

Mavis Staples (1993) The Voice FR 12" Promo

This French promo 12″ release of “The Voice” by Mavis Staples features the Extended Remix Edit as remixed by Prince. This track was only released on vinyl.

Ingrid Chavez (1991) Heaven Must Be Near / Hippy Blood UK 2×12″ Promo

Ingrid Chavez (1991) Heaven Must Be Near/Hippy Blood 2x12"

This promo only 2-record 12″ set from the UK features the only official releases of these “Heaven Must Be Near” remixes from Ingrid Chavez.

Kid Creole And The Coconuts (1990) The Sex Of It (Tropical Mix) UK 12″ Promo

Kid Creole And The Coconuts (1990) The Sex Of It UK 12" Promo

This UK 12″ promo features the Tropical Mix of “The Sex Of It” performed by Kid Creole & The Coconuts and written by Prince.

Aretha Franklin (1989) Gimme Your Love UK 12″ Promo

Aretha Franklin (1989) Gimme Your Love UK 12" Promo

“Gimme Your Love” was a duet between Aretha Franklin and James Brown. This UK promo 12″ features Prince’s “Purple Mix” remix of the track.

MC Hammer (1990) Pray EU 7″

MC Hammer (1990) Pray EU 7"

This European 7″ vinyl rip of MC Hammer’s “Pray” features the Radio Edit on the a-side and Instrumental on the b-side. It was a #2 pop hit in 1990.

Lois Lane (1992) Qualified NL 7″

Lois Lane (1992) Qualified NL 7"

“Qualified” was Lois Lane’s first single from the album ‘Precious’. Prince and Kirk Johnson are credited with lyrics, music, production and arrangement.

Lois Lane (1990) I Wanna Be NL 7″

Lois Lane (1990) I Wanna Be NL 7"

“I Wanna Be” is from ‘Fortune Fairytales’, Lois Lane’s second album released in 1990. The song on the flip side is the non-album track “Attracted To You”.

Prince (1990) New Power Generation 12″

Prince (1990) New Power Generation 12"

“New Power Generation” was Prince’s second single from the ‘Graffiti Bridge’ album/soundtrack. It was a Top 40 hit on the R&B charts in 1990.

Prince (1989) Partyman 12″

Prince (1989) Partyman 12"

The second single release from Prince’s ‘Batman’ soundtrack/album was “Partyman”, it became the 17th Top 20 hit of Prince’s career, peaking at #18.

Martika (1991) Martika’s Kitchen NL 12″

Martika (1991) Martika's Kitchen NL 12"

The second of 3 Prince-penned singles released from ‘Martika’s Kitchen’ did not fare as well as its predecessor. The title track from the album spent only 2 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US. It did do a little better in the UK reaching #17 and in Australia getting to #29. The highlight of this 12″ is the Prince mix of “Love… Thy Will Be Done”. The lowlight is Tony M. rapping on the Alt. Dub Version 😉

Wendy & Lisa (1989) Lolly Lolly UK 12″

Wendy & Lisa (1989) Lolly Lolly UK 12"

From the ‘Fruit At The Bottom’ album, the “Lolly Lolly” UK 12″ features Prince’s “According To Prince” mix and Steve Beltran’s “Random Dance Mix”.

Sheena Easton – 101 12″ Promo

Sheena Easton - 101 12"

The A Side: 101 (Def House Mix/Extended Club Version) 7:58 101 (Red Zone Mix) 4:50 The B Side: 101 (Westside Mix/Radio Edit) 5:28 101 (Westside Sample Dub) 6:10 101 (Uptown Version) 8:20 The Brief: In 1988, Sheena Easton recorded and released her ninth studio album ‘The Lover in Me’. Easton enlisted top flight producers and […]

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