Yes (1983) Owner Of A Lonely Heart 12″

Yes (1983) Owner Of A Lonely Heart 12" Yes (1983) Owner Of A Lonely Heart 12"

The Brief:
I’ve often mentioned my college radio station WABR in previous posts, and I have often griped about our Program Director and his darned ink stamp. Well, this record brings to my mind my favorite and longest story I have about DJ’ing at the station (well, except for the night that Selena came to visit me at the station but, I probably shouldn’t go into detail about that here on the blog). There was a staff of students that DJ’d and kept the station on air each day from morning to midnight. Each DJ got a 3 hour slot once a week, so you do the math. Now, let me set the scene… This was a rural agricultural college in the deep southwest part of the state of Georgia. It was in a small town called Tifton, in an area mostly synonymous with country & western music and southern rock. This was fall of 1983 to spring of 1984. Alternative radio was pretty new and alternative/new wave acts were just gaining momentum in the area. Being a college radio station, as with almost all other college stations, the goal was to be alternative, not to compete with Top 40 stations playing the hits all the time. There were a couple of students acting as student “station directors” and they more or less drove the “content” of the music played at the station. Myself, and a couple other DJs, that played dance/R&B oriented slots sometimes brushed up against the Top 40. Face it, popular dance songs are most likely also going to be popular, Top 40 type songs at some point, too. We had free reign to play pretty much anything we wanted but, once a song entered the Top 40 it was forbidden. We were all called into a meeting one week to be reminded of this “policy” and threatened with removal from our time slots if we didn’t strictly follow the rules.

Of course, I, being an 18 year old male, had a rebellious streak and I wanted to see what I could get away with. It was my contention that 12″ remixes and extended versions were not what was being played on Top 40 radio and were versions the general public did not hear much, if at all. The following week, at the peak of “Owner Of A Lonely Heart’s” singles chart success, I played the “Red and Blue Remix” during my shift. Now, a lot of you know, the alternatives and the punks purely despised groups like Yes. Yes was the epitome of the arena, corporate rock scene that alts were certain would be the ruin of music for the entire world. So, the next day I was called in to the station for a special meeting with our Student Advisor and the student “Directors”. They had complained to the advisor that I was breaking the Top 40 rule by playing this song and that I should be suspended from the station. It became apparent that I was the primary target of the Top 40 complaints by the these two little snots because, our Advisor proceeded to inform all of us that he had listened to my shift the night before to see if I was breaking the rules and he had heard the remix I played. In his opinion, the remix I played was so completely different from the version on Top 40 radio, that it did not break any station rules and that as long as I stuck to structurally different versions of Top 40 songs, such as this one, there shouldn’t be any further complaints about my show and I should be left alone. Win! The student directors got so pissed about it, they both resigned from the station and, I guess, went away to whine, bitch, piss and moan to each other about how unfair everything was and how right they were and how wrong everyone else was, blah blah blah unfairness is so unfair so… shut up they explained. Anyway, it was a good riddance to them and I soon found out that most all of the other DJs were ecstatic to be rid of those two clowns. I seem to recall one other DJ quitting in support of them but, everyone else stayed on and the camaraderie at the station improved greatly. So, in the small, tiny, infinitesimal scheme of the universe, that is the story of how Yes’ “Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Red and Blue Remix)” brought about the exodus of WABR’s student directors… nothing beats a great remix!

The A Side:
Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Special “Red & Blue” Remix Dance Version) 7:50

The B Side:
Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Edit Version) 3:50
Our Song (LP Version) 4:16

The Charts:

Chart Debuted Debut Pos. Peak Pos. Wks on Chart
Billboard Hot 100 11/5/83 62 1/2wks 23
Cash Box Top 100 11/5/83 66 1/2wks 26
Hot Black Singles 2/4/84 69 5
Billboard Hot Dance/Disco 12/10/83 3 14
Billboard Top Rock/Album Rock Tracks 11/12/83 1/4wks 20

The Source:
Label: ATCO Records
Catalog#: 0-96976
Format: Vinyl, 12″, 33 1/3 RPM
Country: US
Released: 1983

The Equipment:
Technics SL-1200MK2 Turntable
Audio Technica AT440MLa Phono Cartridge
Yamaha RX-Z1 A/V Receiver
Sony PCM-R300 DAT Deck
Turtle Beach Catalina sound card
Mustek Scan Express A3 1200 Scanner
Spin Clean Record Washer MKII

The Software:
Cool Edit Pro
Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006
Microsoft ICE

The Links:



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26 Responses to “Yes (1983) Owner Of A Lonely Heart 12″”

  1. Johan says:

    One of the first tunes I had on CD. Thank you!

  2. Marc from Nova Scotia says:

    Great tune, and awesome story! Back in 1993-1994 (i.e. my junior year in college), I had a weekly one-hour radio show at my university’s station called ‘Beats Emporium’ where I played then-current dance music, so I remember all too well college radio’s strict non-Top 40 policy. That meant stuff like Corona’s ‘Rhythm Of The Night’ and Culture Beat’s ‘Mr. Vain’ were strictly off-limits. My one act of rebellion that yeat was playing a whole hour of Prince and Madonna b-sides & album tracks…I take great pride in knowing that I was responsible for introducing the small town of Antigonish, Nova Scotia to “Violet The Organ Grinder”! 🙂

  3. Sean says:

    Fight the Power!

  4. Akash Deeplal says:

    Really enjoy that!
    And a fantastic story!!
    You always have to get a few farts !!

  5. OPODER! says:

    “exodus of WABR’s student directors” text/story = Fun!

    Thank you!

  6. tiffany says:

    hello richie thanks for this material, and could make a post about breakfast club, they have great hits, like Right On Track , never be the same or Expressway To Your Heartn hope you make it, thanks you

    • djrichiep says:

      Hello Tiffany, thanks for stopping by, I currently only have a 7″ by BC and it will be making an appearance on the blog later this year, I will see if I can’t acquire some 12 inchers of theirs.

  7. Glenn S. says:

    I love the remixes from this period of Yes. I went through two cassettes of their Twelve Inches on Tape release and even burned it to a CD later on. I think I would have enjoyed your radio show.

    • djrichiep says:

      I used to have 3 hour long cassettes of my show from 3 different nights. I tried to locate them a while back and had absolutely no luck finding them. Was gonna digitize them and put them up here. I really hate that I can’t locate them. By the way, my radio voice was horrible then, I sounded like one of those monotone classical music DJs talking about R&B\Dance music. I like to think I improved over time!

  8. ric says:

    Love your story! Oh how I miss the days when there is no “Station Music Director” and playlist rotation!!!
    Serve those two right for being so anal, and don’t they know when to “Leave It”?!?!
    I wonder if they are now readers of your blog though…or perhaps it’s not “alternative” enough for them? heh heh…

    • djrichiep says:

      I recently finished reading a book by Richard Neer called FM and it was all about freeform FM radio stations and DJs, primarily in NY, from the late 60s into the 80s. Was a really good read, anyone with an interest in radio should get it and read it.

  9. Fede says:

    Nice Song, thanks friend!

  10. Tyler says:

    That a great 12” I didn’t know they had a longer version of that song.

    Hey Richie I have another question/request haha I know.

    Do you have Steve Winwood’s Freedom Overkill 12” & 12”UK? the reason I ask about the about 2 vinyls is because the UK version has The Liberty Mix at 8:30 and the other has a lightly shorter one it comes in at 7:30 but that has the Dub mix with Extended Higher Lover Version. I have the different links below.

    12” UK Version

    12” US Or Various other Versions

    Thanks Richie

    Keep up the good work!!!

    • djrichiep says:

      Tyler, I feel like I am just becoming a huge disappointment to you but, no, I don’t have any Steve Winwood on 12″. Sorry. I do appreciate your interest though so, keep asking, maybe I’ll be able to say yes next time! LOL

      • Tyler says:

        Haha no worries it’s fine your site and Burning the ground are the few sites that are still around and you guys do a great job. Back like 6 years ago you could find any song no matter how difficult it is to find online. Until they shut down megaupload. I did notice that Burning The Ground has the US Version but the links are dead I haven’t heard a response from him yet. He never response to me haha.

        Ok haha how about this one ABC – The Night You Murdered Love 12”

        Thanks Richie

        • djrichiep says:

          I think Paul stays real busy, I’m sure he doesn’t purposely ignore you. On the other hand, I’m not ignoring but, I never seem to have what you ask about either, in this case, I am not sure if I have that ABC 12″ or not, I’m thinking I do. I am not currently living at the house where my records and recording equipment live and it will be November before I actually have time to do anything with it anyway. I’ve mentioned this before but, it always helps to repeat it… My family is fortunate enough to own 2 homes, one we live in from Mar-Nov and the other from Nov-Mar. During the Nov-Mar timeframe, I do all of my recording, editing, scanning, etc. for the coming year. So, if it is a record that I don’t have ready now, it will be November before I can even get started on it. From Mar-Nov I am just not able to pull out a record and get it ready for posting on the blog.

  11. Jermajesty says:

    lol… I just wonder who it is doing that mega-long remix, given that A, it’s 1983 and B, it sounds exactly like the Art of Noise. 😀

    The sleeve only credits Trevor Horn and Gary Langan, but surely Anne Dudley and JJ Jeczalik had an uncredited hand in this too?

  12. Tony R says:

    Great post, this version of Owner got a bit of airplay here in Detroit in late ’84. Nice to hear it again, too crazy.

  13. Will S. says:

    Happened across your blog looking for some old trax after sifting thru tons of the junk sites.. FANTASTIC Sounding copies… I didn’t leave a paypal don’ie but should Ya need to browse thru an FTP server hit me up

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